Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Disease Hemorrhoids

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A. Understanding the meaning definition of Hemorrhoids / Piles / Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a disease that occurs in the anus where his lips had swollen anus sometimes accompanied by bleeding. Hemorrhoid disease is not only give pain to the sufferer, but also gives a sense of inferiority and shame for hemorrhoid disease.

In patients with hemorrhoids generally difficult to sit down and defecate due to pain when the mouth rectum or anal sphincter is under pressure. In patients with severe hemorrhoids can sometimes be difficult to treat so that surgical removal of hemorrhoids which can give side effects that are sometimes not good. Therefore, the hemorrhoids need to be aware and properly handled so easily treated.

Do not ignore and underestimate hemorrhoids you suffer because you could be suffering from life by hemorrhoids that are not addressed properly until the roots. Happy reading piles of article that you may suffer from hemorrhoids can be cured.

B. Types / Various Kinds Hemorrhoids / Homoroid / Ambeyen

Hemorrhoids or piles are of two kinds, namely hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. In the hemorrhoids in the anal veins are covered by mucous membranes moist. If not treated can be seen protruding out as external hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in love there is blood coming out of the anus when the chapter / defecation. If you have severe can stick out and continue to grow as tennis balls that have taken surgery to remove hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the muscle that is generally associated with the skin. These hemorrhoids usually appear bluish swollen bumps on the edge of the anus that feels pain and itching.

C. The Things / Trigger Factors That Cause or Causes of Hemorrhoids / Piles / Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be caused by the following things below so needs to watch out for and avoid:

A. Too much sitting
2. Chronic diarrhea
3. Pregnant pregnancy due to hormonal changes
4. Descendants of hemorrhoid sufferers
5. Sexual intercourse is not uncommon
6. Which makes bowel disease sufferers
7. Constipation / constipation / chronic obsitpasi
8. The emphasis of the venous return of blood flow, etc..

D. Typical Characteristics / Symptoms of Hemorrhoids / Piles / Hemorrhoids

Before seriously should we know what hemorrhoids no beginning so that we can treat as early as possible. Usually the patient will experience rectal bleeding with blood color pink dripping or flowing through the anus / rectum. Patients will also feel there are bumps on the anus when the chapter so people will ngeden / straining can aggravate wasirnya. Otherwise it will feel itchy anus is usually caused by viruses and bacteria



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