Senopati Pamungkas – University of Cloud 8

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Nothing is more noble than helping others. so about one of the teachings of Eyang Sepuh. Perhaps that is why this institution has never had anything. Hut not one iota. Even in a form that is also redundant. they do not need the cloting covering the body given all the other people as needing.

This ingrained teachings that may be said to be the unwritten law. Anyone who feels the need to have anything whatsoever, even though a bundle of grass for his own interests, he was recognized again as a member. Wilanda used to be so. Feeling the need to deepen the knowledge lighten the body, he needs to find a teacher elsewhere. He felt himself unworthy to be a student again, and asked out of the woods.

Since then several times Wilanda replace teachers, tested the ability. Bringing life’s journey with Ngabehi Pandu who is interested in the magnitude determination.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the field, continues to spin Jaghana roll.
Looks like he will wrap his body into the body of a god of Death and they both would be twisted into one. Death gods forced to face this all-ot onslaught. Since he entered the land, have never met a tough opponent and this deperate.
After all he had just faced Wilanda that in some ways quite different from Jaghana science.

Wilanda much greater reliance on science soothe the body. Get around to it, turned over. While Jaghana totally rely on the power to demolish. Classifed as a class, it is actually not a major problem. It’s just that the time sequence, and is now facing such opponents do not want to extend the time. In the short term regardless of winning or losing. alive or dead.

“Hey, know yourself a bit,” cried Tole is still sitting on the ground. “If it rotates so you can kind of fart. And I do not like.”
Padmamuka rolling forward.

Wilanda stomach still feels like a tingling. Do not the word to move, to breathe the pain was unbearable. However, given the advanced Tole, he could not help myself. With a last effort to collect it jumped to intercept the attack Padmamuka. The two met, clashed, and Wilanda slam. Vomiting of blood.

Upasara revoke Keris. In an injured Wilanda still see a glimpse of blocking Upasara gelundungan (attack by folding the body into a ball) Padmanaba with, again, a series of moves Bull Palace. In many ways, Upasara is arguably a supercilious.

His pride as a pampering environment. However, as a knight who has received arts teaching and teaching like this usually does not stand alone, always with the attitude that he could not bear to see others who are vomiting blood Wilada attacked. Even if Wilanda not close, can advance Upasara help.

“The little boy, you do not have to go.”

Padmanaba Upasara wrist grab with convincing force. Confident that with one jerk he’d be able to seize the opponent’s keris. This calculation is quite reasonable. Padmamuka cansee from the first, that among the present. Upasara weakest. Moreover, in no way reflect the makeup of a warrior. Clothing worn too good. Headband also belongs to the princes that are commonly used in a large ceremony, luxury. Dagger encrusted with diamonds. Anklet is made of pure gold. Where there is a martial arts warrior was dressed so dapper?

Upasara itself is very clever. Pandu Ngabehi accept that as a single student, there must be a compelling reason. Pandu Ngabehi Upasara have seen that a remarkable acuity in reading matter.

Teachings given Ngabehi never be repeated. Once a hearing can be practiced and developed. Realizing he had made ​​at the beginning of the fight were beaten, Upasara take advantage of this. He deliberately attacked in a way that is not too complicated.

Trap was successful. Opponent grabbed his right hand in an attempt to rob keris. Indeed it does work, but that does not count the red face is that the left hand Upasara can take over and immediately stabbed the dagger! All happen in one fell swoop without a break. This is a series of moves Wounded Buffalo, where Ngabehi Pandu created from a bull attack. Left or right horn of the same thing!
If the left can not, that right will be up as well.

Padmamuka not suspect that the “child” who dressed nobleman plesiran (outing) model is controlled by either a sudden change. Quickly once he shock hands with the intention that Upasara, Upasara own hands the keris ward. It is also unexpected by him. The right hand flicked  Upasara can indeed be arbitrarily but it is to welcome the dagger from his left hand and simultaneously leads to the center of the chest.

Should be recognized that in a matter of fighting, Upasara not take into account whether or not the attack was too fierce. Such considerations have not been penetrated in her. If you can attack, he will attack completely. If you can pierce your chest why should deflected in the direction of the arm.

This is because Upasara still young, in addition to the matter of tolerance, never felt worth noting. He does not usually succumb.Even to be subject to ordinary people, it seems averse. The only one who heard and obeyed only Ngabehi Pandu. During Ngabehi Pandu does not forbid, he felt he did was right.

Despite the higher knowledge and experience richer. Padmamuka not currently have an opportunity to get away cleanly. While bluffing hard, he was forced to dispose of the body as far as possible. Keris opponents inevitably grazed the top of the shirt and cut the fabric. Epidermis at length cut down the chest tothe thighs! If only jumped once and drove Upasara dagger, Padmamuka could change its name to Pandumuka, aka the facepale as a corpse.


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