The Power OF Lust Over Love

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In our society today lust has replace love in the heart of many men and women, boys and girls. The possibility of finding true love from opposite sex is now a difficult tax. Many people has gotten them self into problem because opposite sex pretend to love when he or she lust, the word use for love are now lust language bringing in serious confusion that can’t be easily uprooted. This epidemic has caused many to loos their life, some properties others trust on any other opposite sex that come across them with the same word (love) even when he or she may come with true love the victim of lust for love will find it very hard to believe causing the true lover stress, pains and time in the process of trying to convince he or she.

It is obvious that no man or boy, woman or girl will be bold to tell the opposite sex that he or she has strong sexual desire for him or her when love is not involved, they will always say l love you even when they lust, for with the word love in the position of lust he or she will be able to garnish his or her word of conviction. Even the prostitute when having sex with their costumer use the word l love you when they are enjoying the sex likewise their costumer. You believe me that love has received too many insult because of lust that has feel the heart of men in our society today.

Today musicians sing about love in almost all their album   just because people no longer love but lust they too with the description on how the girl or boy they sing about look like lust and sometime they don’t understand they lust. If love really take upper hand in our society why all this divorce men and women everywhere. With the rate of lust in the world today people are unable to enjoy the dividend of love.

If you say you love someone do you have this in your mind that love don’t discriminate, that it tolerate, it bear all condition, it forgive easily, it don’t remember the wrong past, it give without asking for pay back, it is careering, it is romantic, it lay down it life for it lover etc, do you keep to them? If no, then you are not in love you just lust over the opposite sex. Cheek very well what really made go into relationship with that guy or babe or what made you leave with that man or woman, if that thing is remove from him or her will you still love? Or will you quiet.

THE CAUSE OF LUST: There are many cause of lust;

 1: THE APPEARANCE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX; when a lady is dress half necked men will surly lust over her because men go by site they are attracted by what they see so when a man see a lady that woe transparent cloth with sexy pant or without pant her breast exposed with short skirt that expose her laps what do you think will happen the man will desire to have sex with her, if not by rap he will walk to her and tell her l love you in other to Leo her to bed it may not be the same day or time but all he want is that thing in between her laps  he will say and do anything to have it as many time as he may want it after which he will abandon it for search of real love mind you on this process they may marry or have children but they never last in relationship divorce must occur

2: WEALTH; the wealth of a man may cause a woman to lust after a man she will do everything possible to attract the man, she may either use her appearance, manners or diabolical means to bring the man to herself the word love will still be use in place of lust her they may likewise marry but when what made them to lust after each other is no more their divorce take place.

3: POSITION IN THE SOCIETY; the position of the either sex in the society may cause the opposite sex to lust, the woman will like to be sexy before him why the man will like to tell her he love her instead of lust, sex will always take place so their aim will be achieve, while doing this they may marry or have children. The question is do they last. They end up breaking each other’s hearth.

4: TRIBE OR RACE; a man or woman may lust after a particular tribe or race wishing to be loved by somebody from that tribe or race, but when what they expected did not come they look for a way to  have it but end up being in disappointment after having children or not.

5: SEX; a man or woman may hear from their friend about a guy or leady sexual ability whom he or she heard casual sex with and lust after the person so that he or she will also enjoy that kind of sex, they may have the person but will not last in the relationship because they lust.

THE NEED FOR REAL LOVE: there are hundred percent needs for true love because when true love exist it will put divorce to an end people will enjoy their marriage, children will enjoy the communion of their parent and God who initiated love will be happy with us. If we follow the way God want us to love we will not have problem in our relationship or marriage.

WHY LUST IS USE IN PLACE OF LOVE; is because sex is involve in but of them the only deferent there is that lust don’t have real love and strong affection for the person you have sex with  but have the desire for sex why love is real and have strong affection for the person you have sex with.

 LUST: It is a very strong sexual desire, especially when love is not involved.

ROMANTIC LOVE: It is a strong feeling of affection for somebody that you are sexually attracted to.


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