Senopati Pamungkas – University of Cloud 7

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Wilanda relax a bit to soften the opponent’s power, and his body flew into the top. Presumably this was already taken into account when throwing kadut Nariti up. At the same time, it will overwrite his kadut. At least he can hit. It’s just a higher consciousness that resist movement.

It contains means sacking people. Gosh. Who ever is in it? If someone who is suffering, could have been injured or even died. Warrior soul Wilanda with stand the blow. As a result, the movement was so disturbed. Moreover, he was just trying to catch the bag, causing an open waist. Niriti cold cheer.


Actually, since Niriti come, jaghana’ve noticed something strange. Something that is suspicious of the bag. The more obvious when the bag was thrown up. At the sound of groaning, moaning tone jaghana even recognize. Needless to say he was immediately rushed into the battle. It’s just too late.

Kadut had been captured by the waist Wilanda seemed broken in the fall, but even so, he still allowed himself first.
Wilanda still holding the bag with a simultaneous pain radiating to the abdomen.

Niriti jaghana turned to face that launched a blow and left side Death God only move his head slightly, and then strike back. Unexpectedly, jaghana not trying to avoid. Instead go straight to sweep your opponent with a bang. If they allow themselves, they will hit the opponent. Death gods shifted to the side.

Could not help a bit scratched headband. Off, and his white hair loose forward. Jaghana grabbed it and pulled it down so tight, him knees while swinging upward. Bending causes the open back style. But as it does not matter, Jaghana infiltrating opponent. Death gods detained and issued a call to hold the knee collision with both hands. He heard a very loud plaque.

Even if the Gods of Death is a great power inside, could not help shake well.
After all, Jaghana leg strength endurance tougher than his hand.
His body was pushed to the back. Lock of his hair off. Not to stand up straight, Jaghana already turned around and like awhirl wind vortex roll up your opponent directly.

Upasara then realized, that jaghana not just any candidate. Earlier he had witnessed and experienced myself. It was only now aware that the last jaghana Upasara not spend all his strength. Ifhe had been attacked in this way, maybe his body was bent like a rope twist.

Jaghana is a figure who has a patient nature, thought Upasara. That he became so furious and stormed without thinking of her safety, it must have a cause. There’s no way people are so friendly, patient, and like a desperate smile for no reason. Only Upasara not know what makes Jaghana so passionate. Maybe he still does not know, if knowing, that the contents of one sack of the university’s Cloud. 

Strong basics of this college is solidarity among members of the college. That the base is valid in every college, no one denies it. Only in the Cloud University, obtaining this basic shape, which is sometimes very extreme. As is known, in college there is no difference between the student and the other one. Divided equally about science, about the possession of no one questioned. This is perhaps different from other universities.

University of Clouds do not exist of different levels. No one considered senior or junior. No disciple or vice chairman or ordinary. Even Eyang Sepuh own, who is considered the chairman, received the same treatment. They all live in the woods together. Eyang Sepuh had to grow vegetables or find your own fruit. They practice together and learn together.

This is why Wilanda would be expected to sacrifice themselves when you know there are colleges that are stored in a sack. Although it was after many years and he lived as soldiers is in the palace, his feelings are still the same.


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