Senopati Pamungkas – University of Cloud 5

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Pandu Ngabehi down.
“I’m sorry, our parents can not educate these kids.”

Jaghana stand upright, then respond respectfully and sighed.

“The older the more discerning, the younger the more difficult to control. Young man, you’re a big talent, has an extraordinary teacher. In Java land back someday become crowded because of it. Excellent. Unfortunately, I rounded the bottom could not watch all of this. after the unworthy lives are saved many times it was not fit to be a disciple Nirada again. “

His voice turned hoarse. “Eyang Sepuh, I’m sorry … students did not deserve to stay here.” Then with a sigh ,jaghana passed.
“Wait, Kisanak. Someone wants us to know.”

“Kanjeng Ngabehi, humble life has Ngabehi please. If there is anything I can do to Ngabehi, I was willing to die to do it.”

“Do not hesitate, Kisanak. It’s all our fault. Indeed we have come to see Eyang Sepuh.”

“So sad. To request that does not mean that I can not answer. I do not know where he is.”

“Ah,” Wilanda muffled sound.

Pandu Ngabehi sighed. With the experience that is as old age, he knew that jaghana not lying at all.

“One more question. Is there room in this month come from the other side?”
Jaghana smiles. Bitter smile.

“I do not know why so many are asking the same thing. Things I do not know. 

When Eyang Sepuh chose this village without a name it had no other place more quiet. But in fact now become a gathering place for the hero in the entire universe. Oi, no more lonely place. “

Right after his speech, see two shadows streaking come. An old man appeared carrying a whole bag of white hair-bag sacks of large-tree fiber. One was a boy, which seems odd because her face is as red hot. Two strange men who stood in a row odd.

Old man with white hair and a red-faced boy.

“Well, we here first, Tole. Listening to people talk,” said the old man with white hair. Who was called as a tole – that little boy – no answer, only looked at briefly. Then sit on the grass.

Wilanda like waking from sleep. It’s strange, in this desolate place too suddenly came two men whose names are never jarring Brantas River. Tole is called Padmamuka, Padmanaba alias, alias the Red Face. The silver-haired old called Niriti, aka God the Eternal Death Eternal.

Out of nowhere they got this title and why. During this Wilanda never heard of. Because so far they only operate along the Brantas River According to the story, they never were on land, always the center of the river. In fact, according to myth, they reside in one of the Brantas center of information. There must be something extraordinary when to go down to the ground. Especially in remote areas.

“Tole, they do not talk anymore. What should we force?”

“Everything you do. You’re the god of death who could do as you will. How difficult to force people to talk about the guests from Overseas?”
“Tole, who forced us first?”
“Anyone. Better start from the worst.”
“Good. Good.” Niriti excited voice changed. Kadut (Bag of food or clothes made ​​of cloth or animal skin worn, dirty from the old worn and never washed) wobbling.
“All of you have heard for myself what my granddaughter said this. Come on, admit it. Who is the ugliest hope to worship.”

Padmamuka chuckled.

“If it were so, they would be scrambling. Because everything is bad. Forced it all.”
“That was good too. You all have heard for myself what my granddaughter said this. And indeed, I never refuse what is asked my grandson.
Alright. You need to be frank I force or direct where Guests of the Opposite? “

“It seems Brantas River is dry. No more small fish, so fishing the river looking for food on land. Beggars must show respect when asking for something. Instead of big mount.”

Upasara who came forward. Presumably he was most disgusted with all the pride and arrogance, perhaps because he has the same properties.

“Tole, no one dared to say. Do you hear?”
“Yes, but no clear meaning.”
“Then how, Tole?”
“Tell lick my feet, so his tongue can speak no inconsequential.”
Niriti, white-haired old man, chuckling laugh.

“Well, you heard for yourself what my granddaughter said. Come quickly, lick his feet. Let god be generous not only cut off the tongues life. Do, what are you waiting?”



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