Astroharmonic Vibrations

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The purpose of this article is twofold: Fist we would like to introduce readers to the use of
astroharmonic cycles, and the ease with which they can be used to accurately identify
trend changes in the stock market.
Secondly, we would like to illustrate the relationships of these events to the stock market and
demonstrate how accurately and precisely these relationships can often be determined.
Since publication of the book Astrocycles: The Trades Viewpoint, by Larry Pesavento,
we have researched many astroharmonic cycles. The advent of computerized astroharmonic
data such as the AstroAnalyst (Astrolabe: Orleans LA), provides ready access to a large
amount of research material. It is now possible to complete research in minutes that previously
too literally months or years.
It is important for the reader to understand and accept that these astroharmonic cycles are
little more than normal periodic cycles that occur with naturally harmonic regularity.
A problem arises for some because the language of this analytical technique differs slightly
from that typically used to describe familiar stock; market terms and price movements. In
addition, it is necessary for the trader to familiarize himself with the actual geometry and energy
associated with these Particular planetary events.
The existence of some kind of planetary energy inuence on the earth and its population is
more than just a matter of conjecture. A wide and historically signicant body of documentation
exists that clearly shows that at the time of the full moon there are signicant increases in the
incidence of emergency room trauma, poor surgical results, high crime rates, and other events
with high emotional content. For the purpose of this discussion, the nature of these phenomena
and why they occur is less important than the fact that they do occur.
Our purpose is to recognize that certain natural energy points exist and to develop a
technique that identies these energy points and uses them to identify trend changes in the
stock market or any other market.
Our hypothesis is that if these “energy points” or ”elds” exist, then it should be possible
to choose any particular high or low in the stock market, determine the astroharmonic event
that is occurring then, and test it over a period of years to gure out if trend changes occurred
at or close enough to the date of the event to be meaningful to our analysis. The parameters
we use to evaluate such a test are:
1. An expected accuracy rate of better than 80%.
2. The turning point must be plus or minus one day of the actual planetary event.
3. There should be a minimum of 100 samples for statistical reliability.
To illustrate the technique, we have chosen the Sun-Jupiter combination for two reasons:
Commander David Williams in his excellent textbook, Financial Astrology, available in Trader’s
World Catalog has demonstrated that Sun-Jupiter does have a great inuence on the trend
of the stock market. To prove this thesis, it is only necessary to examine some of the major
Sun-Jupiter aspects during the past decade. It will be seen that when this occurred, signicant
trend changes in stock market prices also occurred.


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