How to Get Good Gas Mileage Out of Your Cars

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You can save money when you know what to do to get good gas mileage out a car. Gas is so costly that any type of saving will be helpful. Usually an older car will be more costly than a newer car because of the old engine and all the other parts not working properly. When it doesn’t work properly it will cost a lot of gas just to haul it on the road. If it’s new, the car doesn’t have to work so hard to move so it cost less gas. This is why driving a new car will also save you money in the long run. Aiming for an old car is not always is the best idea.

Have it check out

You should always have your car maintain periodically to prevent major problems. You can look at it yourself if you know a lot about cars, have your family that know about cars look at it to save money and bring it to the shop once in awhile to check it out.

Maintain proper fluid

You have to have enough coolant and oil in there in order for it to work. Without this fluid, it will be hard to move your car and it will cost more gas to move your car because the engine is not moving efficiently.

Clean your radiator

When your radiator is clogged, it will cause your car to get hot or even overheating and this will cost more gas to move your car. It’s a major inconvenient if your car overheats so clean out your radiator with a brush or squirt water into it so dust will drain out.

Change your oil

You should change your oil periodically for the best performance of your engine but also to keep it low cost. If the engine is moving slowly, then it will cost more gas to move your car. The more efficient your engine, the better the gas mileage.

Remove things from your car

Having a lot of items in your car will make it heavy and it will cost more gas. This is why it’s imperative to remove it from your cars if you don’t need it.

Change the tires

Old tires will have a harder time moving your car and it will cost you more gas to move your car. When you change it, you will save more money on gas.

Drive small cars

It’s apparent that smaller cars will cost less gas. Small cars take less of a time to move so it cost less gas. The weight is the issue here and it will cost less because it’s smaller.

Don’t break and go often

When you break and then release it will cost gas to do this so try not to do it so often. You can drive in a way that will save you gas by going continuously until you really have to break. Don’t tail gate and then break hard because this cost gas.


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