The Bible, Gann, And The Stock Market

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In our series of articles we have discussed how W.D. Gann used a wholistic approach in
order to forecast and trade the markets with precision accuracy. Gann would incorporate
Scripture, natural laws, numerics, geometry, Pythagorean harmonics, astrocycles and
the Law of Vibration.
As we revealed in our previous articles, Gann’s primary source of knowledge forecasting
future events was his knowledge of the historical correspondence between cosmic vibration
(celestial harmonics) and its effect on man’s psychobiological cycles. These cycles have
historically correlated with mass investor psychology and are reflected in Stockmarket
movements, as well.
One of Gann’s presuppositions was that scientific laws related to market timing were
alluded to or found in the Bible. As a student of ancient sources of knowledge, Gann may
have also studied the Great Pyramid, the first of the seven Wonders of the World, which
some believe is referred to in the Bible (Isaiah 19:19-20). The structure of the Great Pyramid
contains an amazing array of mathematical (Fibonacci) ratios, biblical correspondences,
and knowledge of the heavens.

Gann was probably aware of the stored knowledge in the Great Pyramid, since the Great
Pyramid and the heavenly cycles are also symbolically represented in the Great Seal of the
United States, and in the U.S. Treasury Seal. 2
Gann also stated that one must use the right starting point in order to forecast the
markets. In regards to the heavenly inuences, the Great Pyramid does reveal a much older
knowledge of the heavens than that presented by Ptolemaic, 1st century, astrology; or by
the Pythaorean “music of the spheres”.
We also learn from earlier writings of the Persians and the Chinese, that there were
four bright stars in the sky; in the east, the west, the north, and the south, which evidently
corresponded to the Vernal Equinox, the Autumnal Equinox, the For the stars of heaven and
the constellations thereof shall not give their light; the sun shall be darkened in his going forth,
the moon shall not cause her light to shine.” Isaiah 13:10
The temperature on the Sunlit Full Moon exceeds the boiling point of water, at which time
it also emits infra-red rays (light; electromagnetic vibration) which are several times more
intense than the rays it reects from the Sun. During the rst ve minutes of a lunar eclipse,

the surface temperature of the 4 moon falls tar below the freezing point, and the I emission
of the infra-red light vibrations cease.
W.D. Gann, the legendary Wall Street trader, made references to the portents of eclipses
and planetary positions. For example, the record breaking January/March 1987 rally ended on
April 6, l 1987, exactly when the benec planet Jupiter made l its Passover of the March 29,
1987 Solar Eclipse. l | degree. (This weekend Eclipse generated a sharp | sell off on Friday and
Monday). TheApril 14,1987 j Lunar Eclipse provided the obvious portent (eclipse l conjoined
Arcturus the bear watcher, Job l 38:32;33); while both She October 6, 1987 Lunar | Eclipse, and
planetary postions provided the timing l for the dramatic 13 day October 1987 bear! The | next
(weekend) solar eclipse occurs on July 21, 1 1990.


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