So You Want a Trading System That is 90 Percent Accurate? Here is a Good Starting Point!

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several years ago, we have continued to review the results of the Venus-Uranus planetary cycle.
Originally brought to our attention by Donald P. Bradley in Stock Market Prediction (1954),
the phenomenon continues to operate aspect (cycle) to aspect (cycle) with over 90 percent
accuracy in predicting short term stock market changes in trend.
Figure 1 shows the relationship of Venus and Uranus on a geocentric (earth-centered)
perspective. As Venus and Uranus come next to each other at conjunction (0) they begin their
225 day cycle through all the major aspects. The interesting point is that if you divide the 225
day cycle by 365 days you arrive at (.618). Experience has taught us certain characteristics
of this cycle that can be used in trading:

1. Some aspects were associated with bullish price action and others with bearish price action.
Conjunctions (0), sextiles (60) and trines (120) are associated with upward moves in the stock
market. Squares (90) and oppositions (180) are associated with weakness.
2. The aspects are short term phenomenon (3 to 12 days) and more than 50 percent of the time
were the beginning of a huge move in stock prices.
3. The aspects set up two trading opportunities each time they occur. You can go long or
short ve calendar days before the aspect will be exact. Simply look at a price chart of
the stock market and see what direction the stock market is moving, and expect the trend
to reverse at that time. We prefer to use the Fibonacci price objectives to arrive at an
expected price target. Wave Graders by Bryce Gilmore is an excellent software program
we use in all of our market analyses.
Over 900 aspects (110 years) of stock market history has validated this naturally-occurring
cycle. Why it works is unimportant to the astute trader. The statistics alone provide a strong case
for the development of a trading methodology based on this cycle. The accompanying chart
illustrates the accuracy of this cycle over the past year. It does include the June 6, 1990, high
which was quite signicant. The only necessary tool that is needed is an Ephemeris Manual that
gives the exact times of the Venus-Uranus aspects. We recommend the ten year 1981 to 1990
Ephemeris from Astro Computing Services of San Diego, California (about $8).
We will leave it up to our readers’ imaginations as to how to broaden the applicability of this
naturally-occurring planetary harmonic. For instance, does the cycle work in Treasury Bonds?
Does it work if a heliocentric (sun-centered) approach is used? Are Soybeans and Wheat
effected? A lot of questions (hard ah) will answer these questions.


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