How to Save Money as a Freshman in College

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Buy books on Amazon

You can save tons of money by saving on used textbook on Amazon. They will have just about every book that you’re looking for and the shipping deal is not that bad either. They also have others things that you will need for your majors like calculators or other types of equipment. You can also look on Ebay for good deals on laptops or other type of equipment because they’re more affordable than buying in person.

Take city transportation

You can save money by taking city transportation because it’s less than driving a car if you live close by or if you live in the dorm. You can use the bus just for about everything and you don’t really go around that much as a student because you will be stuck with studying most of the time.

Use college resources

You will save money by using college recourses rather than your own like their computers, printer, playing lounge, lounging, sports, fun and much more.

Have enough equipment at home

You can save time and money by having your computer, printer and all else that you need for college. This will save you plenty of time and money running around trying to find a printer.

Use their healthcare

You will get healthcare on campus so you can use their healthcare and this will help you save. They do provide plenty of healthcare services like blood work or std check and prevention.

Work on campus

There are jobs on campus for those that want to work there to save time and to get to know your college better. This is ideal for those living on dorms. This will help pick up some of your bills. It’s never a good idea to not work and only live off of your loan. You will become very poor when you graduate.

Bring your own food

Food on campus is very expensive at times so you can save yourself a ton of money by bringing your own food. It never hurts to buy a bunch of snack for a good price and put it at home and then bring it when you need it.


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