Production of Coriander

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His home address is used frequently as a vegetable. The plant is three or four feet tall and produces many wonderful aroma and spice of the plant is responsible.

Earth and Climate:
It can be cultivated almost everywhere, But in areas of fertile land and irrigation development dnya plant gets big quickly. Little and Sam hit the ground it is not suitable for cultivation.

Soil preparation:
But in areas of fertile land and irrigation development dnya plant gets big quickly. Little and Sam hit the ground it is not suitable for cultivation. While preparing to land in the eight to ten hole dung manure (per acre) farm, which is well into the foul lane and plowing the land should be well received. The substantial increases in productivity. Later, an extension of the plants are slow considering the fertility of its soil Nitrogenous fertilizer production increase can be put.

Cultivation Method:
The three methods of cultivation.
Allow phonetic typing
1. A tendon and a half feet apart in rows to grow.
2. Khylyan as their heads are also growing.
3. Land developed and give good tendon in his sixth and later came to be the hero in the field, get the seed in the ground and then give a slight shagh.

Khylyun but instead are meant to be played after anneal. Water should be enough moisture in the seeds were planted at the ends of khlyun be reached. Do not swallow so much water that khylyan. Can not grow if the seeds. Sixth or intended to be planted in rows on flat ground, then it definitely should keep in mind there are plenty in the land tendon.Becomes full grown in about ten days.

Harvest Time:
October to mid November. Are instead beginning in February.

Seed Rate:
Eight kilograms of seed per acre is required.

If the tendon rather than the crop grows fifteen  or twenty days after the water has to be strong well rooted plants. Fifteen to twenty days after the water. Khylyun dry so that water was played immediately after the seeds get moisture to grow. A week after the second water to be able to take mkmh grown for seed. Agayun fifteen, twenty days after the completion of the water given period.

Chdraye To:
In four of five plants should be doing their chdraye Allow phonetic typing and from plant to plant distance of 9 inches to 12 inches should be maintained so plant can fully develop.

Goody two to three times during the crop must continue so that herbs and Disposal of crop plants to get their food.

To use as a vegetable crop that can be taken three or four harvest. After harvest, keeping soil fertility Nitrogenous fertilizer to the crop if the crop is rapid extension and shortly the next crop is ready for harvest. After cutting three or four are left for seed crop and a good quantity of seed is obtained.

Is 350 to 400 kg per acre.

Tolerance And Teaching Method:
This should ensure that crops tolerate while grains are still the same green color. But we have full height. Crop bearing seeds should teach it in the shadow color is not bad. When separated by dry sticks to tubyj be filled in the bags. In the case of more mature seed quality is poor and market price is lower.

Benefits And Use:
1. The seed is used as a spice.
2. This seads are for digestion.
3. The oil used in cooking and head work to do.
4. Indigestion and urinary diseases often is useful for.
5. Spirits and reduces harmful effects.
6. That are full of vitamin C addresses.
7. This appetizer is the hot sauce.
8. This odor from the mouth of the seed is chewed in the mouth.


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