Camcau Medicinal Vines, Killing Cancer Cells Blood

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Drinking Camcau Loosen Muscles
Camcau drink with honey, brown sugar syrup or liquid on a regular basis during the week, not only quench your thirst, but at the same time as a cure ulcers and dysentery. Camcau leaves also can be a cure ulcers. Once softened, the results can be used as boreh on the skin of the wound. Camcau benefit more from it. High blood pressure and cancer can also be resisted.

PART camcau plants that are commonly used as medicine are the leaves and roots. To treat fever, for example, used the rimpangnya.Akarnya washed and then boiled with water.Once cooked, boiled water to drink. In addition to this, you can also brew panas.Mengonsumsi camcau rhizomes with water to cure stomach ulcers, the fiber can meet the daily fiber requirement of 30 gram.Daun green grass jelly containing compound dimethyl-1 dimetoidida kurin. This substance is useful to relax the muscles. Other compounds such as isokandrodendrin believed to prevent the malignant tumor cells.Bisbenzilsokuinolin grass jelly also contains alkaloids and S, S-tetandrin are efficacious in preventing renal cancer, inflammatory, and lowers blood pressure tinggi.Tak wrong indeed, proved through his research, Department of Food Technology and Nutrition IPB confirmed that grass jelly contains antioxidants and can kill cancer cells The results reveal, the leaf extract of grass jelly, especially green grass jelly in mice shown to kill tumor cells in mengagumkan.Potensi cincau also tested in the manner described four types of cancer cells, ie cells of blood cancer (leukemia), cervical cancer, lung, and breast. Cincau leaf extract was able to kill the cancerous cells admirably blood (leukemia) of 55-90 percent. While the ability to kill cancer cells cincau another approximately 60 percent. This shows the green grass jelly contains bioactive components of cancer cell killing. In addition, green grass jelly was also able to get rid of harmful substances trigger kanker.Kini, cincau benefits against cancer is a concern to the researchers. Green grass jelly certainly contain chlorophyll, the pigment that gives color to the leaves green. Many literature states of chlorophyll as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antikanker.Masih much research done on the efficacy of grass jelly, both black and green grass jelly


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