Maya And Mayans

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Maya the illusion, the bewilderment, created by the God to divert the soul towards the materialistic pursuits. Although the soul is Divine and a part of God, eternally it is under the control of Maya. Because of this the soul has limited knowledge, it’s existence is bound by time and space and it is devoid of Divine bliss. This separation from God is the origin of your quest for happiness. That’s why most of human beings are engaged in only eating, sleeping, roaming, fighting, etc just like animals. Human beings are never satiated with what they have; they are in a state of sorrow for what they don’t have and thus they are not able to enjoy the almighty’s best gift bestowed on them-their life. 

Mayavati, the estranged chief minister of Uttar Pradesh is also under clouds for sacking her ministers on various criminal and corruption charges, just before the state elections in February 2012. She has been targeted by opposition parties for focusing on the parks, statues and murals, thus splurging public money just to satisfy her ego, instead of fulfilling basic requirements of the state. She has been accused of helping large industrial houses, developers and builders by taking agricultural land of farmers forcibly. The National Rural Health Mission scandal, Taj corridor case, Birthday bashes, Disproportionate income case, etc., have tarnished her image. It’s an irony that this icon of Dalit’s in India and referred to as Behenji (Sister) by laymen, rose from a humble beginning and became the Chief Minister for the fourth time in 2007.According to her, the tenure saw social justice, better law and order situation, transparency in recruitment process and better growth rate.

Maya civilization that flourished around in present southern Mexican states in 2600 B.C. came into news for their theory about dooms day in 2012. The Maya calendar suggest grave disturbances like earthquakes, solar storms, volcanoes, tsunamis, magnetic pole reversal, meteorite, etc for the end of human civilization in the month of December 2012. The Maya calendar is based around Mesoamerica long count calendar which started around 11 August 3114 B.C. and ends on December 21, 2012. Mayans lived predominantly in communities and had predicted various happenings earlier too, which came true; no doubt this greatly speaks of their scientific knowledge, but merely ending of their calendar in 2012 doesn’t exactly mean the dooms day.

Now let’s wait and watch how the Maya (illusion) will affect Mayavati and Mayans in the year 2012.


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