Subliminals For Traders

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If trading stocks and commodities is 70-80 percent psychological then why has this subject
been so badly neglected by writers and teachers? For every 100 books written about trading
perhaps one examines this vital part of trading. The reason could be that workable, realistic
answers are difficult to find. Furthermore psychological tools that can be put to direct use by
traders and analysts have not been readily available to the trading public.
From the moment you are born, all events and happenings are programmed into your
subconscious mind. Your personal experiences are filled and sorted for recall, to be used
at a later stage when required. Unhappily the subconscious mind can not tell the deference
between reality and imagination. A good example is when a young boy of ve or six tries to
help his father to ‘fix the automobile” and as soon as he picks up one of the tools the father
shouts at him to put it down. This only has to happen a few times and the subconscious mind
les it in the permanent memory.
When the boy is II or 12, the father thinks the son is ready to learn how to use the
tools and asks him to help with the “car fixing”. Without knowing why, as soon as the son
picks up one of the tools he feels very uncomfortable. After trying a few times he may feel
clumsy and unhappy. Eventually the father tells hem not to bother as he is just a “clumsy
boy”. That boy is set for life to be condemned as useless with tools and not very handy.
Does this story ring a bell?
Now, what has happened here? The first experience at the age of five with tools if filed
away in the subconscious mind as “If I touch these tools, my father will shout at me. Therefore
its bad.” When the boy is 12 and the father asks him to help, the conscious mind dips into the
memory banks (which are housed in the subconscious) looking for a reference to tools. And
just like the computer memory, the subconscious mind finds the correct file, that states..” If
I touch these tools, my father will shout at me. That is bad”. The file is now checked by the
conscious mind, which being the guardian of the boys actions decides how to actually react
to the information contained in the file.
Please listen carefully as this is the crucial part. As the first experience that the son had
with tools was “bad and unhappy” the conscious mind will try to protect the boy from having
to go through again, that “bad” experience. Even though the original experience itself was not
actually “bad” (just a fathers concern for his sons safety). But the subconscious perceived
it as “bad”, it remained filed as such, due to the subconscious minds inability to distinguish
between reality and imagination.
So all these years later here is the conscious mind generating a totally inappropriate reply,
under the false premise that it is “protecting” the boy. Suddenly he becomes clumsy, which
causes the father to give up on the son as far as tools are concerned. But it enables the boy to
stop using the tools, thus satisfying the conscious mind, that it is doing its job by preventing the
boy from being further exposed to “bad” experiences.
Not only did the conscious mind construct an excuse under a false premise, but the
boy’s “bad” experience has been reinforced at the subconscious level, now he is also
“clumsy”. Unless a way is found to wipe out these false premises it will remain with him
for the rest of his life.
By the same token your bad trading habits and the lack of confidence, either in your
method of trading or in your ability to take action are formed in exactly the same way. Once
Traders World 188
these inappropriate trading habits and lack of confidence are filed in our subconscious mind,
we can only erase them by getting back to the level where there poor habits were installed
in the first place at the subconscious level. Not only must these poor habits be wiped out at
that level, but they must also be replaced by the winning habits (correct response) at that
very same level. Only then can we truly make the best use of our methodologies and be
on the way to confident trading.
We have to enter our subconscious computer, wipe clean redundant files that cause
self sabotage during our trading and replace it with clean appropriate information suitable
for the job in hand confident trading.
The American public first became aware of the power of subliminals in the early 1950,s
when high speed visual subliminals flashed onto Kim Novaks face, urging the audience to
“drink Coca-Cola”. The words were flashed unto the screen at a much faster rate then our
eyes are capable of registering, yet the owner of the new Jersey Theater reported a 58 percent
increase in sales. We now know that the mind picks up these high speed messages and
without the conscious mind being able to filter them, they are recorded in the subconscious
that can differentiate between negative and beneficial input. It just accepts all input as facts.
In other words, these messages are recorded in the filing system of the subconscious mind
in a subliminal manner.
Our job is to use the same route to access our subconscious mind by using subliminal
tapes that are custom made for traders and analysts. In the last 20 years, subliminals have been
used successfully for all purposes. Tapes have entered the main stream, for weight loss to goal
achievement. Subliminal tapes are used by millions of Americans.
Now, for the first time, subliminal tapes made specifically for traders and analysts, are
being made available through the Gann & Elliott Wave magazine. The three tape set covers
most of the problems traders encounter.
Tape #1. Covers all aspects of accurate analysis and recall of same for actual trading. this tape
can be played any time. 30 minutes.
Tape #2. The psychological problems of trading are covered by this tape that can be played
any time. 30 minutes.
Tape #3. A “Total” tape that covers the major difficulties traders face on and off the trading
floor. Due to the fact that this tape used the hemispheric equalization process, it must not be
played when driving. For this tape only stereophonic headset is required.
As a professional trader, I am fully aware of the problems that traders face every day,
during the stressful hours of market trading. By using the latest state of the art equipment
and recording these tapes in California, I was able to combine my practical knowledge as a
master hypnotist and member of the British Council of Hypnotist Examiners, together with
my experience as an independent trader. I am not able to share with you these subliminal
tapes to help improve your trading.
A booklet comes with the tapes that fully explains how to use them to obtain maximum
benefit possible.


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