How Can an Owner Become a Trainer?

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. There should not be loud scenes and outbursts of emotion. On the contrary there should be sober handling of the situation. There should be show of anger expressed through the loud `no’ sound and mild beating, if need be, that is all –no fuss, no commotion and definitely no revenge. If you whish to train a dog, you have to reprimand and forget.  

The final advice, of course, is that if a dog owner also wishes to be a trainer he has learn the art. He has also practice this art and make it ultimately perfect. How can an owner become a trainer? The trainer is in possession of a superior will that is all. It is the clash of will between the trainer and the animal. The animals, particularly dogs have a sixth sense.

They can see through you. They can easily asses as to whether you love them, you like them or you are afraid of them. If you love your dog, then you will love other dogs or dogs in general. You will see the same appeal of your own dog’s eyes reflected in the eyes of other dogs as they come sniffing at you.

Loves is all very well but remember your dog is an animal. He may licking at your feet, or may be cozy with you or coddle up at you, but he is susceptible to mischief. We will steal, he might damage new things, new magazines, he might bark at odd hours or when you are talking on the phone, and so on. Do not feel betrayed at these times. Try to correct your dog as you would correct your baby. Teach him, forgive him and do not stop loving him.

The trainer however, is made of sterner stuff. You have to be strong, invincible. You ought to have an iron will. Show your dog that come what may you are the boss, the master, and you will tolerate no nonsense.

We have now discussed all the facets of dog biting. A biting dog is a household menace and a social evil so the quicker the owner learns to stop the biting of his dog; the better it is for all concerned.


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