Mallorca, a Year Round Destination.

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Located just over a hundred miles from mainland Spain, east of Valencia, Mallorca has some of the most scenic beaches in the Western Mediterranean. The clarity of the sea is unique, and allows anyone to enjoy diving, even with no experience or specialized equipment. 

However, there´s more to Mallorca than the beach. An amazing mountain range, called Sierra Tramuntana, runs from the western to the eastern ends of the Island, providing a great hiking and climbing destination. The mountains fall sharply to the sea in the north face, where the cliffs, some two thousand feet tall, are interrupted by narrow beaches and bays, called calas. Those places are usually deserted, both because the difficulty of access and the availability of many options. 

One of the most particular and curious calasis Sa Calobra. Even though this cala is accessible by car, there´s a way to get there by descending a narrow creek surrounded by deep cliffs and raw terrain. The hike starts up on the town of Escorca, some two thousand feet above sea level, and follows the Torrent de Pareis through some of the most scenic canyons in the Island. The sea is visible only at the start of the hike, because after a mile the trail dives into the S´Entrefoc, where two canyons meet and the fun begins.

Even though is a quite difficult hike, with some crawling and eventually a few wet patches along the way, it is also forgiving, given the fact that it follows a downhill course. However, gathering good information and maps before heading down is highly recommended. The duration of the hike depends on the level of the group and the conditions of the terrain, but is around four hours.

After you make it all the way down to Sa Calobra, you can ride the bus up to Escorca, which is the simplest logistic solution for the hike. The other option (leaving a car at the end of the hike and driving the whole group up to the beginning) involves significant driving, and it adds an hour to the trip. Check the bus schedules if travelling during the off-season (October to March).


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