Cellulitis On The Hand in The

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For a number of days now I have been having pain and an itchy feeling in my left hand. I was sure that it was somehow linked to the dish washing I did in the deli for my employment. The washing solution used to do the washing of the rotisserie spit with the steel wool scrubber irritated the skin. The steel wool I was washing and scrubbing the pots, pans, and spits with must have given the bacteria entrance. I looked forward to the day I could have this looked at.

Finally I had a day off. I was going to have this looked at. My left hand was enlarged– double the size of my right. The area was red and warm. I even took off my wedding ring in case the swelling increased.

I went to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. The emergency room nurse told me I got there just in time.

The diagnosis was that I had a serious case of cellulitis. The bacteria from the food products I was washing off the dishes and spits had gotten in under my skin through an abrasion. The strain was a member of the group A Streptococcus bacteria group.

A person’s skin is made up of many layers. The top layer or epidermis is a protective layer and since it is not metabolically active it can not be infected. It is when the bacteria goes down into the dermis or deeper cells of the skin that it reacts this way.

I was given strong antibiotics by IV. It was so serious that I was admitted to the hospital and kept on antibiotics by IV. The doctors had drawn circles around the red areas on my hand and a portion of my arm. The redness was going down. So I was released with a five day prescription for two strong Antibiotics.

If I had not gotten the antibiotics in time and brought the infection down, it could have spread to my blood system. Inside the blood system the infection could have worked its way to my heart and killed me.

It can come back. There is a 50% chance. It stays in remission. All I can do now is wear protective gloves when I do my gardening or clean out the cat box, I must also keep on washing my hands very well. 50% means I have a chance of staying well and not have another case of cellulitis.

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