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We can find a lot of things using the google alerts and we will set different kind of alerts for different things. We will get notified by google and receive a mail in our inbox, if our search item was found. Using this google alert option it is easy to search about various things and we will get alerts in our inbox at any time while the search element or required details are find by google.

Setting google alerts seems to be a reminder, for example if we need to find things to earn passive income, just create a google alert for passive income and store it. You will get alerts as well as mail in your inbox whenever a new link is added to google search for passive income option. This is a win win situation for both the article writers as well as persons who seek information. Both article writers and the needy person can create google alerts for their requirement and get alerts from google whenever their search item is found.

Google Alerts is the new arrival from google to help its members to get more traffic to their articles, 

blog and websites. As well as the person who are looking to find a particular keyword to search. Follow the below options to create a google alert.

Just go to website to get the google alert page and add your alert in it.

In the google alert page we will get the below options :

1. Search Query : Type the query or key word which you need to make alert

2. Result type : Give the type of the results which you needed, if you want news, books, blogs, 

discussions, videos then select the particular option. If you want all of them, just click on the every 

thing option

3. How Often : In this column you will set the frequency of your alert, it consists of three options

   a. Set once a day, if you wish to get the alert once in a day

   b. Set once a week, if you wish to get the alert once in a week

   c. Set as it happens, if you wish to get alerts when your tag or query matched with the alert thing.

4. How Many : In this option you have the ability to set the limitation with your results, if you wish to 

see the best results, then give best results. If you want all the results then give all the results option.

5. Deliver to : In this option you can set the delivery mails, you can get this alerts to your emails or 


By creating this kind of alerts we will get back links to our things as well as get information about our 

search items. Google alerts are the best choice to get more traffic to our site/blog and articles. As well as get the information about the search query instantly when the match is found in the google.


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