Lending Money to Friends

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Friendship is very important in our life and it is very hard to live a life without friends. We need friends for a lot of things in our friends. But we must be very careful while lending our money to our friends. Money is having the ability to break up good and real friendship. Also it is hard to refuse a friend while asking money from us. Be careful while lending money to your friends.

Some persons will make friendship with others for money purpose, we must be very careful with this kind of persons and always keep distance from them. We will come to know about our friends after having an understanding about them and get understanding with our interactions and communication. If you come to know that your friend is making friendship for money as well as talking about money for a long time without proper reasons, just careful with this kind of persons.

There is nothing wrong in helping a friend and giving money to them, if they are really need money for some good purpose like education, marriage, health and other important needs. But never encourage the person whoever ask money for unwanted and lavish spending and don’t give any money to this kind of persons. Some people will borrow money from their friends and spend it for gambling or some entertainment method. If you give your money to this kind of person, it is very hard to get back the money from them and you are in need to forget about your money.

Some persons will borrow money from us and completely forget about it. We are in need to give continuous reminder to them to get our money back from this kind of persons, even some persons will ignore this kind of reminders too. Really it is very hard to get money from this kind of persons, we may collect some other things like their watch, cell phone or some other thing which is equal to our amount to compensate our loss. Better to avoid giving money to this kind of persons. Always be careful while lending your hard earned money to your friends and try your maximum to avoid unwanted lendings, it is your safer side


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