7 Tips to Prevent Loss From Home Robberies

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Do not put cash in the house

It’s obvious that you will lose it if they demand for it of if it’s in plain site. You should hide all of your cash in a bank account. This way, you will never lose it. You should put it in a separate account than your daily account just in case they demand that you withdraw from your bank card or if they take your bank card.

Do not park a nice car in front of your house

If you park a nice Mercedes in front of your house it’s obvious that you’re asking for trouble. People will think that you have money and they will call their friends to rob you. This is just like advertising for robberies. If you have a nice car, you should park it in the garage.

Don’t let people know where you live

If you have a high profile life or if you’re really wealthy, it’s best that you don’t tell people where you live. If you tell people where you live, they will most likely rob you one day. Who isn’t tempted when it comes to money? You should only reveal it to people that you know.

Have dogs

Dogs can help make noise and warn you so you can have time to call the cops or plans accordingly. Dogs can also scare the robbers away because they make a lot of noise and they don’t want to get caught in the neighbor either.

Have a hidden safe

You need a safe and make sure you hide them somewhere safe so that people can’t see them. The best ways I can think of is dig a space under your bed and then hid the safe and then cover it with cement or carpet because no one can see it this way. Who would go into your house and dig the ground up.

Don’t buy expensive stuff to put in your house

If you buy expensive stuff, when you get robbed, you will lose all of it. If you’re going to buy things, you should buy inexpensive stuff and put it there so you don’t lose big.

Have cameras in front of your house

You should have cameras in front of your house to let the robbers know that you’re watching them or at least you have something on tape. It’s imperative that you have cameras so that people will know that you’re watching if you live in a big house.


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