6 Tips to Keep Your Car in The Best Shape

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Frequent check up

It’s imperative that you do frequent check up because you can have leaks or damages to your car that you won’t know until you inspect it or have it professionally check. It’s best that you learn some of these skills so you can help yourself while you’re on the road. it will take too much time and money to get every little thing fix. You should know how to do some of the basic things like fluid check, tire check, coolant level check, battery problems.

Maintain fluid level

You should maintain your fluid level at all time. When you let fluid go low like oil and coolant or break, you will have major problems or damages to your engine and car over all. This is probably is the main reason why car get damage fast and need replacement or fixing. You should inspect it and if it’s low you should add some to keep it full but not overfill. Your car can get damage if it’s overfilled.

Change old fluid

Old fluid can be less effective on your cars or engine or transmission or the break. It might not work well or cause your engine and other part to not operate at its full capacity. It can also aid in tearing down your engine. This is why you need regular oil change, coolant change or drainage, and break fluid change.

Put in new battery

The battery could die out and you might not be able to start your car if you don’t put in a new battery. Most of the time, cars won’t start because it’s a bad battery. It could also be your spark plugs but it could also be your battery. If you don’t want a dead car just put in a new battery, it’s cheap.

Change tires

Bad tires will get you in trouble on the road. If you drive far daily, it’s time to put in new tires. They’re cheap but they will save you big accident on the road.

Cean your radiator

You should clean out your radiator because a clog or old radiator could cause your car to overheat. You can take a metal brush and brush the outside of it and then flush it with water to get rid of dust. Build up of dirt can jam up your radiator and you can get overheat in your car.


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