6 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Vegas

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There are many things that are weird and different about Vegas and people from out of town or country must know these things. They don’t harm you but you should at least know our town a little better.

Massage parlors

Did you know that most massage parlors are not so at all? They are just a front and in fact most of them have illegal activities going on like prostitution. Prostitution is not legal in Clark county or Las Vegas at all. However, they operate them anyways. There are hundreds of these in Vegas and yes it’s just plain hooking.

Room dance

Did you know that behind the scene private dance could cost you one grand? Many men didn’t know this until they go home and get upset over the money they lose and they would write about it online. Yes, if you ask a dancer to give you a private dance on the back they could end up charging you one grand.

Must tip

Did you know that if you didn’t tip most of the service worker in Vegas, they would get really mad at you? In fact, they would notice you and treat you bad next time. Yes, Vegas is a tip oriented working environment. You must tip or else you will get bad treatment the next time. Tips could be anywhere from $1 and up.

Hookers are illegal in Vegas

Hookers are illegal in Vegas. They’re legal in Parump but they’re illegal in Vegas. There are swingers club where people go to sleep with anybody that they want but it’s illegal to sell your body in Las Vegas or Clark County. Therefore, any type of solicitation is illegal.

Friendly girls

Did you ever wonder why those girls are so friendly? They could be hookers. If they’re friendly, they could be up to something. Yes, hookers are often very friendly. If you’re just at a casino and the hookers are being friendly then you need to tell them that you have a wife.

Mirrors are cameras

Did you know that most mirrors are cameras in Vegas? If you’re in the elevator and you see a big mirror and you look into it, someone is looking at you so don’t act funny there. This is why you should not do funny things in an elevator. You know what those things are.


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