A Nanny Camera Gives a Sense of Safety For Your Children

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The popularity of a nanny camera has steadily risen. With the increased need of two income families, the need for reliable baby sitter and nannies has increased. This is the reason for the increase in use of these cameras for the home. The use of a nanny camera gives parents a sense of security and safety for their children.

Concealed nanny cameras for video surveillance are legal in all fifty states. Using one with audio capabilities should be used with caution. The legality of audio recording without permission can create legal difficulties.

A nanny camera can be hidden in many different ways. They are available disguised as clock radios, computer speaker and other small items that are routinely found in the home. A nanny camera can be used discreetly and are difficult to detect.

A newer nanny camera can have DVD capabilities that allow the homeowner to view the day’s happenings without the aid of additional devices. Older cameras for the home may need to be hooked up to a DVD or other device to view.

The confidence that a child is being safely cared for is very important to the parent. The media have reported on many instances of child abuse that have been documented with these cameras. The evidence of abuse has been used in court cases against the nanny.

There are several opinions on whether or not the nanny should be alerted as to the use of a nanny camera. One theory is that if the nanny knows that there are hidden cameras in the home, she or he would be less likely to mistreat a child. The other opinion is that it should be confidential. The issue that is voiced with the confidentiality issue is that it does not prevent abuse, but merely documents it.

Both sides have valid issues. A nanny camera is a valuable tool to use to protect children. If abuse is suspected, the video is proof of that abuse. It will show neglect as well as overt abuse such as spanking, pinching or excessive scolding without the use of audio.

If prevention is the primary reason for a hidden camera of this kind, it may be advisable to inform the nanny or babysitter that there are cameras in use.

Valuable information is available on the internet. A search for different types of cameras and the many different reasons to have them in the home will provide the consumer with a large number of options as to prices and styles that can be used to suit the needs of the family. If research is done before purchase, it can be a rewarding experience.



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