Internet Security, Security From Virus

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Internet Security is related to computer science it is basically related to Internet; If we talk about today’s technology internet is the most usable part in the world, For use of communication purpose or data transfer internet is provided many type of services. All over the world internet is famous for everyone. The Internet represents the various type of channel for exchanging information leading to a high risk of instruction and the different method have been used to protected the different type of data ,and different algorithm and tools and technique are use, generally our mails and account information or any type of bank account transaction in the web page are open in secure page for security purpose because on the internet there are many types of protocol are worked for transferring the data. In the network layer security Transmission control protocol or Internet protocol it is use with secure with the help of cryptographic methods and protocols that have been used for securing communications and data transfer on the Internet. There are two main types of transformation that form the basis of IPSec: the Authentication Header (AH) and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP). These two protocols provide data integrity, data origin authentication, and anti-replay service. Those protocols are use single and combination of security services to protect the internet protocol layer.
Internet security the features listed above work together to make your computing experience more secure and enjoyable. But there are other things you can do to help protect your computer and the computers of those you communicate with from attacks coming from the Internet. The use of antivirus software, handling e-mail messages with great care especially when they contain attachments, and careful selection of the Web sites you visit are key to helping you keep your computer more secure. When you do these things, you become a better computer user by taking your computer security into your own hands. You also help prevent the spread of viruses to other computer users. Privacy features in Internet Explorer include settings that allow you to control how your computer handles cookies, privacy alerts that let you know when you try to go to a site that doesn’t meet the criteria in your privacy settings, and ability to view a website’s privacy policy. By default, Internet Explorer is set to provide a level of security that can help protect you against common threats, such as spyware or other types of malware, when browsing the web. These settings can help protect against known security threats, such as websites installing or other programs without your knowledge. For new and unknown virus and threats the security, Internet Explorer’s Protected Mode setting keeps websites from gaining access to your computer.
For the internet and web security Firewall controls access between networks. It generally made of gateways and filters which after the verification from one firewall to another. Firewalls also screen network traffic and are able to block the dangerous incoming virus and controlled the data. Firewalls works as the mediate server between SMTP and HTTP connections.  On the internet there are many type of virus are harmed out network connection or computer virus are the program which is highly effect out system file or data in the sense of virus there are Trojan horse, spyware, worms, botnet, is attack to our system file malicious software that pretends to be harmless so that a user willingly allows it to be downloaded onto the computer. For security purpose in the market there are many company are provided antivirus for controlled the virus antivirus programs and Internet security programs are useful in protecting a computer or programmable device from malware and other program which is harmed our computer .


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