Fun Places For Kids to Visit in Las Vegas

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Vegas is a great place for kids too, too often it seems like a place for adults. Kids can have so much fun doing just as much as adults in Vegas. Here are some cool things for kids to do in Vegas.

New York New York rides and arcade

There are theme park rides in Vegas too, check out the roller coaster at New York New York. You will have to pay for it but it’s worth it. It’s this wild ride roller coaster that they will enjoy with their friends. There is also an arcade next to where you would check in for arcade too.

Circus Circus

Circus Circus is the place for kids. There are so many fun activities there like games, winning prizes, and more games. It’s the ultimate destination for kids. You have to stop here if you want a little fun for your child. Games here take quarters and it’s easy to win.

Bellagio water dance

Bellagio has great water dances that play every half an hour on the side of the strip in front of Bellagio. It’s free and kids might like it. This is ideal if you have been walking the strip all day long, you might also want to stop here.


Kids love to eat and they love to eat everything so the buffets are the ultimate destinations for them. Bellagio and Rio have some of the best menus around Vegas, and they’re very affordable too. For about $13, your kids will enjoy some of the best food coming from some of the best chefs in Vegas. You can’t leave Vegas without eating good food here. You will get food menu from just about every place on the map. There are Japanese food, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, American, French and more.

Fashion show mall

How can you pass fashion show mall without visiting some of their top stores. They have the best fashion and shopping center here. This is the ultimate hang out place for young people. They might enjoy the free catwalk there too. If they love souvenirs, you will find them all here.


The Mirage has the park with lovely animal and the jungle that you will have to take your kids there. It’s the best place at the Mirage and great for kids.


You can take your kids on the Gondola ride. It’s fun for kids, and also great for photos.

Grand Canyon tour

The Grand Canyon tour is also a wonderful place to take your kids too while you’re here in Vegas. You don’t want to miss the best things here. They have helicopter tour for a great price.


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