Romatic Things to do on Valentine Day in Las Vegas

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This Valentine’s Day, you can treat your partner to some lavish enjoyment here in Vegas. We have everything here, from concert to night clubs, to dining. You will have everything that you’re looking to fill up a wonderful holiday. Vegas is the ultimate getaways for Valetine’s Day.


The holiday will also bring in many special performances by celebrity and you can be sure that you will catch your favorite celebrity here. There are so many special here. You will like it during the holiday. There are so many romantic things to do for the holiday. You can also catch your favorite concert by looking them up in advance online.

Dine out

Vegas is the capital of fine dining. You have to take your lover out to a special place here. You can’t go without dining for Valentine ’s Day in Vegas. I suggest going to a fine dining restaurant instead of the buffet. It’s more romantic that way. A place where there is bottle service would be even nicer.

Grand Canyon tour

It’s romantic to hop on top of the Grand Canyon tour with your date. You get a helicopter ride and then on top of that you get to see one of the most spectacular views here. The trip is affordable and you will love it. You can book for it on the strip or online.

Get married

You can do one of the most romantic thing that there is to do in Vegas and that is to get married. There are many chapel here and you can do it. This is the perfect time to tie the knot. You can save tons of money on top of that too over a simple ceremony and small guests. If this doesn’t spell romantic I don’t know what will.


Would it be romantic to propose on top of Eiffel tower? Well, you can this Valentine day. No one says that you can’t propose to the love of your life on top of the coolest architecture design in Vegas.


It’s cool to take your date or girlfriend or wife on a shopping spree. She will love it as a treat for Valentine’s Day. There are many great places to shop in Vegas including all the shops at the fashion show mall. We also have outlets at the Prim on Las Vegas blvd and Blue Diamond.

Top hotels

You can lavish your holiday by staying at the top hotel and enjoy your luxurious space together; time alone is romantic as well. Time alone in a hot cozy hotel is all you need.


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