Motionless Mixers Offer High Energy Savings And Low Maintenance Costs

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Industries have a variety of mixing requirements for materials ranging from paste, slurry, liquid or gas. Motionless mixers can be used to carry out homogenous mixing of all these materials and more. These mixers are also commonly referred to as static mixers. They are a better alternative to mechanical mixers because they provide excellent mixing while reducing energy consumption compared to a motor driven mechanical mixer.Without any moving parts a Motionless mixer eliminates maintenance costs and the headaches of equipment down-time.

These mixers work on a very simple principle. As the material is passes through the mixer, the fluid is split into separate flow streams, which subsequently are turbulently mixed in a tornado like vortex and recombined with high dynamic impact forces.

About triple action motionless mixers:

There are a number of companies that offer static mixers that work equally well in both laminar and turbulent flow conditions.The premier type of static mixer is the patented triple action static mixer, which offers superior performance compared to other styles of static mixer. The triple action mixer uses 3 types of mixing technologies:two-by-two divisional mixing, cross-current mixing, and counter-rotating back mixing vortices. These mixers can be made in just about any material of construction and in any size. This mixing unit is your most viable solution for handling materials ranging from paste to slurry to liquid to gas. The advantage of having superior mixing is the enhancement to your process control, and improved efficiencies will often reduce the amount of chemicals that are required.

Major advantages of using motionless mixers

  • Static mixers do not have any moving parts. This eliminates any maintenance problems. Many industries have used such mixers for years without any service or downtime problems.

  • Static mixers eliminate the need for high-maintenance parts such as agitators, tanks and other moving components. Despite this, they offer unparalleled mixing operations. They can be installed easily even by non-technical personnel reducing your turn around time.

  • A motionless mixer saves money. Motionless mixers cost less than mechanical mixers.  Add to that life-long energy savings and a negligible maintenance cost and you have the ideal mixing system.

  • Motionless mixersare easily customizable to precisely meet the requirements of your application.  Some major manufacturer can provide at no additional cost unique solutions that are designed to specifically meet your requirements.  The time invested on a free consultation with a mixing company’s application engineer can provide significant rewards in optimizing a solution for your mixing application.

Today, motionless mixers have become almost indispensible in applications including but not limited to bio fuel, desalination, food and beverage industry, energy conservation, mining (mineral, oil and sand), waste water treatment, petro chemical, plastics processing, power generation and pulp manufacturing.


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