Custom Fit Golf Clubs – Get The Right Length, Flex And Loft.

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Off the shelf golf clubs might feel good when you play for the first time. But as your game evolves you will realize that your standard club is not that amazing after all. You will also notice that these ill fitting clubs force you to adopt uncomfortable stance. This is where you start losing your grip on the game.

So what is the solution? The answer is custom fit golf clubs. These clubs are tailor made; built around golfer’s vital statistics such as height, weight, swing action etc.

A standard club with slight variations in shaft length can produce varying results. The idea is to find that magical set of parameters that will bring out the best golfer from within you. Custom golf clubs can be procured from pro shops, who manipulate club shaft in terms of length, flex and loft.

Custom clubs are not expensive and it takes just a couple of hours to build one.

The term clone golf club might sound  illegal or just a copy of some world famous brands. But none of this is true. These clubs possess their own qualities and look. These are no run-of-the-mill stuff. On the contrary these clubs utilize innovative technologies. Companies that make them procure components from the same suppliers who sell it to branded golf club manufacturers.

These clubs are available in an array of shaft lengths, club heads and grips and do not hamper your game in any way. So if you are looking for affordable clubs then go in for clones. It is your best option to save some money.

Golf club sets are essential clubs which are required by any professional golfer. It typically consists of 14 clubs of varying designs, materials, lengths and club heads. These are categorized into four types; woods, irons, wedges and putter. Each of these clubs has a particular task to perform. For example woods are mainly used for long distance or tee shots. Irons are used for short to medium range shots, whereas a wedge is a subset of the iron family. These are designed to help golfers play shots through the rough or sand.  Putters are used mainly on the green to roll the ball into the cup.

A golfer’s bag typically consists of 3 woods, about 9 hybrids, wedge and a putter.


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