Promote Clickbank Products – 5 Best Ways to Promote Clickbank Products

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For affiliate marketers, there are virtually unlimited ways to promote Clickbank products. It depends upon the marketers on how they are going to advertise the Clickbank products. They may tap their own creativity to promote the products, but it would be helpful to use the proven ways in promotion. The succeeding paragraphs would deal with the 5 best ways to promote Clickbank products. 

Article marketing is one of the most common ways of online promotion as it is good for new affiliates without large budget. It may also be good for those people who love writing as creating articles may deal with product reviews and the only investment are time, creativity and effort. That marketing technique is used to drive traffic to certain websites by posting and distributing the articles on websites such as Ezinearticles, Goarticles, Ezines, About, Ehow and many more. Articles can be written in varying format and styles like guru advice articles, product review articles or how to articles. 

As an illustration, let’s say to promote Clickbank products about pet care, you could place the article in online directories and giving practical solutions to specific needs such as dog care. In that article you may mention that the practical tips come from an e-book and the readers must check that for more information. Later on you place your HopLink to get the commission for that particular product purchases. The disadvantages of using article marketing are time-consuming and much effort is needed before a good amount of traffic can be achieved.

You may also create niche sites and blogs if your budget is not enough as you only need time and creativity. The common expenses for niche sites are web hosting and domain name but they are both pretty cheap. You may also choose the free hosting but the blogs and websites are very limited with free packages. Once you know your own target market, focus on making website entries regarding that specific topic. The types of articles that you can place on the niche sites would be the same as the articles for ezines. The main goal is to earn sufficient traffic to the website by being on top of the search engine rankings. You may also post a lot of HopLinks to promote Clickbank products of varying kinds from just one source.

Another option for promotion is social media marketing. It allows the affiliates to take advantage of free traffic and massive advertising since social media pertain to social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Youtube and more. The great benefit from social media is to make free advertisements that may become viral as to promote Clickbank products would be easier to penetrate the market. The only enemy in social media marketing is for the affiliates being branded as spammers. The key to prevent from becoming a spammer is to be an expert and develop credibility in front of people.

Search engine marketing is another way of advertising which is comprised of search engine optimization or SEO and pay per click advertising (PPC). SEO focuses on making a website to become popular among search engines such as Google and Yahoo. To make the websites popular, particular keywords must be linked to the contents of the website. The goal is to generate free traffic towards the website for certain keywords. Another practice is PPC which is the technique of placing paid ads in particular keyword search. The affiliate must agree to pay for every successful click on famous search engines. The downside is certain amount of money is needed for such technique to work and not advisable for affiliate starters. 

The five best tips given to promote Clickbank products are just the generic ways but if you want to be more creative, try promoting the products in your own way.


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