How to Find Out if You Are on a Criminal List

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Have you ever wondered if your name is on a criminal list?  well wonder no more there are many ways you can do a free background check on yourself to verify if you have been mistakenly placed on a criminal list.  Many times people apply for jobs and end up getting rejected because the employer did a criminal background check which showed that the employee committed a crime.  Many times the employee had not been convicted of a crime but rather there was a data entry error that was never corrected that shows that the person had a criminal record.  With the recent move from hard copy records to online records it’s not unlikely that there were mistakes in the process that can incorrectly list someone as a criminal. Besides mistakes it is good practice to check your criminal record once a year to avoid having issues with identity theft or even tax refund intercepts.  There are a few ways to verify that your public record is correct, here are a couple.

Local City and State

Many local city and state websites have an online request form for you to request a copy of your public criminal and court record.  Go on to your local city website and browse around, if you can’t find it there is usually a contact number and address so that you can ask them directly.  If you are asked to go personally, you will then have to fill out a form and possibly pay a small processing fee.

Law Enforcement

Your local police department holds a copy of your criminal history.  Most departments will provide you with a copy upon filling out a form to verify identity.  Some departments will charge a processing fee others don’t depending on their procedures.  Call and ask to talk with someone in the records department and explain to them the reason you are trying to verify that you are not listed on any criminal lists.

Online Websites

There are numerous online websites that claim to be able to give you a full detailed criminal report for a small fee.  While that sounds enticing and certainly might be a lot less work that contacting local agencies, be warned that many of those websites are scams.  Always double check and verify the legitimacy of the website before handing them your credit card number or any other personal information.  Be sure to use your common sense to avoid having your identity stolen by these scandalous sites or worse.


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