Choosing a Desktop Computer For Your Home

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More and more people today are using computers. It is neither a luxury nor a tool for the selected few anymore. It is a necessity and computers are taking a place it every household just like refrigerators, TV’s, ovens and other appliances. Even people in who never thought they would need a computer find themselves learning the basics and surfing the net, sending emails, watching movies, playing games and much more.

Asses your needs

Not everyone is buying a computer for the same reason. Some need it for work but depending on the type of work they also have a wide variety to choose from. For example graphic designers need a much more powerful computer than those whose work is based on typing and communicating over the internet. Most of the computers nowadays can do everything an average user needs. They can all go on the internet, run office programs, play movies and much more. If you want to play games however you will need to choose a computer with a little more advanced graphics and CPU. Gaming and graphic design are basically the two options where you will need to pay more attention to the specifications and probably spend a little extra cash.

Choosing between the desktop and laptop

Computers come in a couple of forms, two of which are the most common and different – the desktop computer and a laptop. Desktop computers have housing and peripherals such as monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. They take up more room but they provide better performance and they can easily be modified if you want to upgrade a specific piece of hardware. Laptops are desktop computers but packed in one package. Laptops are great if you need to carry your computer around and they can give you everything just as your desktop computer would. Downside is that they can heat up more, their battery time is low (but you can work on them while directly plugged into power supply), that they cannot be easily modified and that they cost a little more than desktop computers. On the other hand they take up much less space in the household and, as we said, you can easily carry them with you. With the technology nowadays there are even laptops which can do very demanding tasks such as run new games or demanding graphic programs.

Choosing where to buy

When you asses your needs and are ready to buy your computer do not restrain yourselves form asking someone for help. Most computer store will be happy to give you advice and help you choose the right computer configuration for your needs. You should always pay attention if your computer comes with a warranty and what are its conditions. It is also recommended to check with your computer store if your computer comes with an operating system or will you need to install it yourself. Most computers come with an operating system and basic programs, and in some cases you can arrange with your store to help you with the installation of other programs you need. 


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