Exfuze Seven+

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eXfuze Seven+™ is truly the first ‘Multi-Botanical’ Dietary Supplement containing the world’s most sought after nutrients in a rich extract form fuzed together in one amazing delivery system.
The eXfuze Seven+™ family of products is loaded with anti-oxidants and formulated with pure extracts of botanicals and fresh fruit from all corners of the world.  Containing some of the most legendary nutrient rich, efficacious botanicals, delicious Seven+™ Classic is a pure, 100% natural super food. Utilizing exclusive scientific patented technology, each super botanical is individually extracted to produce the most bio-available… formulation to optimize maximum nutritional value and optimal purity standards.  In addition to having a sensational liquid nutritional supplement, eXfuze donates 1 percent of its gross sales to VivaKids, a charity which supports under privileged

Explorers and visionaries have always suspected that in exotic locales, at the furthest reaches of the planet, lie the secrets to vibrant health.

Traversing the globe… scaling the mountainous regions and the fertile valleys… plumbing the depths of the seas… gleaning modern truths from ancient folklore… poring over the most advanced scientific studies… potent ingredients have been blended and fused in a revolutionary product…

eXfuze’s philosophy is two-fold. First, to create synergy from the combination of ingredients, Second, to approach each extract of seven+ as if it were the sole supporting nutrition of the drink. Each ingredient is either organically grown or wild-crafted for optimum purity and potency. eXfuze has combined the powerful nutrition of these seven superfoods – also known as functional foods – with four other potent ingredients known as the PLUS factor of Seven+. These four are renowned in our society for their antioxidant and healing properties*: Pomegranate, Wild Blue Berries, Aloe Vera and Concord Grapes.

In keeping with our unprecedented commitment to provide you with the latest advancements in scientific research and cutting edge nutritional technology, eXfuze has established a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of the industry’s leading specialists in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and health. This prestigious team of dedicated professionals will continue to guide the future of eXfuze, lending their expertise and knowledge of the continued advancements in the fields of medical and scientific research advancements from around the world.

Together we share the commitment and dedication of bringing you the finest synergistic nutritional supplements nature has to offer that will ensure your optimal health both today, and well into the future.


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