Modern European Folk Music And Neofolk Bands

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     The cold reality of industrialization and digital technology have proved to be too fragile and artificial for many of us while our spiritual awareness has been growing. This phenomenon helps us to understand that our deep past is more meaningful to us than our digital present. The question of coming back to our roots through ancient legends, fairytales and mantras is usually the core of a folk band’s ideology.

1. OmniaNeoceltic Pagan Folk – Netherlands. Omnia is one of the examples in music industry that stands for an artist’s independence from labels, producers and other commercial intermediaries that used to hold the world of music in their hands in the past decades. The guys record, produce and distribute all their music by themselves, organize picturesque shows and write amazing songs about freedom, love to life and magic.

2. Elvin’s Tales– Pagan/Medieval/Neofolk – Estonia. Elvin’s Tales are a fresh star in the world of contemporary folk music, but they have already managed to earn worldwide recognition with their demo “Since the Dawn of Times.” Their atmospheric songs with catchy melodies carry the listener away into the world ancient wisdom.

3. The Moon and the Nightspirit – Pagan Folk – Hungary. This talented duo sings in Hungarian language, which undoubtedly fits the bewitching tribal rhythms and the stylish CD cover art. The band also parted with their official distributors and took the path of Omnia. 

4. Neun Welten – Acoustic Dark Folk/Neofolk – Germany. Neun Welten have chosen instrumental music to convey their ideas to the world. Strong acoustic guitar riffs are accompanied by smoothly flowing flute and violin melodies without any vocal interference, which creates very subtle out-of-this-world atmosphere in their works.

5. Nest – Ambient Neofolk – Finland. Two talented musicians from Northern Europe recreate magical world through embracing ambient atmospheres and melodies of kantele – a traditional Finnish string instrument. Their works, mostly instrumental, are all about the beauty of nature and primordial world.

6. Blackmore’s Night – Great Britain. Blackmore’s Night is one of the most renown bands in the history of modern folk music. Created by Ritchie Blackmore (-ex Deep Purple), one of the best guitar players of all time, this project set standards of how contemporary minstrel folk music should sound.

These European folk bands are among the brightest representatives of the genre with some of them having grown into modern folk music idols.


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