How to Avoid Scams And Internet Thieves

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 1. Keep your credit card information intact and private by limiting  usage of credit card online instead, use a secure payment processing  solution like Paypal or Alertpay.    

2. Never save your password to a shared computer or share it to anyone  you can’t trust.    

3. Keep passwords long and coded. 8-character password that consist of  a coded message or a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters,  numbers and special symbols.    

4. When joining online programs see to it that you use different  passwords on each site.    

5. When making payments, keep track of the web address and payee that  you are transacting with.  

 6. If you’re paying using Paypal or Alertpay, you don’t need to enter credit card details all you need to do is log-in to your existing Paypal or Alertpay Account and confirm your payment.  

 7. Take note of the URL or web address your paying to. It should not  redirect you to an undefined ip address consisting of numbers.    

8. Each payment transaction generates an email confirmation of the transaction. If you don’t receive an email from Paypal or Alertpay then it should entail something is wrong. Either the transaction is not complete or you paid to fraudulent payee.  

9. Never join programs with unrealistic claims of easy revenue. Make use of simple arithmetic, you can identify which is absurd and which programs are sustainable and valid. Just put it this way, why would  someone promise to give you millions of dollars and only asks for a $1 fee just to register. Who would reasonably pay $1 for a click for more than 1000 members everyday?  

10. Most new sites or programs need to undergo further consideration before you could say its sustainable and stable. Even programs who have lasted for years can SCAM you. Be wary. New sites have  tendencies to run away and not pay. You can recognize a new site through their domain age and traffic rank. At most more than 1M alexa rank is not even a month old.  

11. Visit their forums and look for payment proofs and members feedback about the site. It can’t go wrong if you hear constructive points from other members and you see that they are getting paid on a timely manner.  

12. Never give money you can’t afford to lose or you’ll risk yourself  getting burned or crying over spilled milk.  Remember that every business involves risk and internet programs are very risky. Only the ones who have overcome such adversities can truly understand the nature of these programs.    

Be wary of people who will approach you giving unsolicited advice. Its like a game where your primarily goal is to win. Don’t take unnecessary risks just take things slowly but surely and you’ll be a master of the money game in the internet.  


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