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By: Frank Giannantonio

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10 Cocktail Recipes

Recipe #1 ‘The Pom Tree’

This cocktail uses Cachaca as its base spirit. Cachaca is

spirit, which is used to make The Caipirainha, Brazil’s

national cocktail. A simple mix of Cachaca, lime, and sugar, that

takes a deft hand to make perfectly.

Cachaca is often referred to as ‘Brazilian Rum,’ but technically it

is different because Cachaca is distilled from fresh cane juice,

under strict regulations from the Brazilian government. Rum,

typically, is made from molasses, and can be made anywhere.

However, in the US, there is a law which states that anything

distilled from sugar cane brought into this country, must be

labeled as rum. Distributors tried to combat the law by labeling

the Cachaca they imported as ‘Brazilian Rum,’ which resulted in

a lot of misinformation being passed on over the years.

Despite the unsuccessful attempts to have Cachaca classified

like Champagne, or Cognac, the misnomer is slowly melting

away, thanks to the cocktail revolution, and the level of

sophistication the average diner holds these days.

Cachaca is a bright, perfume-y, often citrusy spirit. You can fool

around with Vodka cocktails, and use Cachaca in its place,  and

probably come up with interesting results, and new ideas.

The mint-infused syrup is worth making to have around the

house. just a little bit is used in one cocktail. You can put it in

coffee, iced tea, on top of pancakes, or practically anywhere a

sweetener is called for.

This will be the first step in the recipe. You will need:

2 Large sprigs of mint

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of water

  1. Bring water to a boil

  2. Add sugar, and whisk to dissolve

  3. Return to a boil

  4. Cook for 1 full minute, whisking constantly

  5. Remove from heat, and transfer to a squeeze bottle.

  6. Chill completely before using

Here is what you will need for the cocktail recipe:

  • 1/2 oz. mint syrup

  • Two clementines.

  • 2 tsp. pink peppercorns

  • 3 TBS pomegranate seeds

  • 1 large basil leaf

  • 2 mint leaves

Glassware: Cocktail/Martini Glass


  1. Cut a healthy piece of peel from one clementine.

  2. Cut one clementine in half, set aside.

  3. Quarter the other clementine, and put it in the mixing part of a cocktail shaker.

  4. Squeeze juice from other clementine into shaker.

  5. Add pom. seeds, peppercorns, basil leaf, and mint syrup.

  6. Muddle ingredients with gentle firmness, don’t mash it, the idea is to release the oils from the clementine, peppercorns, and basil. Over-muddling could release unwanted bitter components.

  7. Fill the shaker part of the cocktail shaker with ice, and add Cachaca.

  8. Pour muddled ingredients over the ice, and booze.

  9. Put shaker together and shake vigorously with two hands until you feel a strong chill

  10. Strain cocktail into glass, and squeeze the oils from clementine peel over the top of the drink, and gently drop it in.

  11. Serve, and enjoy.


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