US Immigration Lawyers – How to Get To The Usa

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 If you are considering relocation, when planning longer stays, matters can be more complicated and we can provide you with the US immigration advice needed to make the transition as easy as possible or if you have in the past been arrested (even if the arrest did not result in a conviction). And then complete an I-94W form prior to arriving at US border control most UK citizens – and citizens of other Visa Waiver countries – wishing to visit the US for short business trips and holidays will have to do little more than complete the on-line ESTA registration several days prior to departure. Importantly we offer our clients fixed fees for our US immigration services (with limited exceptions) so individuals and corporate clients can have peace of mind and control costs. Additionally we will be pleased to meet corporate customers at their offices. Looking to get in contact with our US immigration agency?

How we work – Immigration Services

Our main office is located in Basingstoke; however we recognise the importance of personal contact especially when dealing with complex processes and confidential information.

Steps to Residency and Visa Categories

There are a variety of visas that can be used to gain entry to the US depending on an individual’s status and reason for visiting the US Immigration 

The immigration service provided by US immigration lawyers includes advice on applicable conditions and what steps clients should take to ensure that they do not breach visa conditions. Prepare the necessary documentation and progress the application throughout the process at kpcVISAS we help clients select the correct visa. We ask that you try and fill out as much of the below form as poisable, as this will help us to advise you accurately and efficiently during your visa or immigration consultation. It is for this reason that we conduct in-person consultations in a variety of locations. Please complete the form below and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. 

Unlike a conventional law firm. Thereafter cases are progressed via secure IT methods and telephone calls. Typically we will meet you for a US immigration consultation at serviced offices in London, Reading, or Basingstoke Birmingham. Importantly many visas have limitations and it is important that clients fully understand any conditions that apply.  Once we have reviewed your enquiry, our US immigration lawyer will be able to provide you with a tailored visa and immigration service


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