Creams For Getting Rid Of Dry Skin – The Best Are All-Natural And Truly Effective

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If you’re like me, your dry skin is making you crazy! Let me guess: after every wash your skin gets itchy and red. Even after you apply moisturizing cream, your face is still dry and kind of hard. It seems that nothing helps, all the creams for getting rid of dry skin you have tried are useless.

Some moisturize your face just for a few hours, and it starts to itch again during the day. Sound familiar? Others can be too oily, leaving your skin shining with a layer of oil – as if the cream wouldn’t be able to be absorbed.

The fact is, that most likely is the problem! Look at the ingredients list on your day cream and see if mineral oil, petrolatum or petroleum jelly is one of the first ingredients. If that’s the case, no wonder your skin was getting so irritable and refusing to absorb this cream.

Although used in many creams for getting rid of dry skin, mineral oil is actually one of the key ingredients you need to avoid if you want to help your biggest organ. Mineral oil doesn’t moisturize at all – it just keeps the moisture which is already there in, and when you have dryish skin, that’s not good enough.

In addition, when applied on the face, mineral oil forms a thin foil onto the skin, making it impossible for the active ingredients in the skin cream to penetrate into the skin, making them useless. The foil also makes it impossible for the skin to clean itself from dirt and grime. The usual result is skin irritation, redness and rashes.

If you want to find good creams for getting rid of dry skin, you should forget about skincare based on mineral oil and look for natural topical creams for dry skin instead.

The best natural topical creams for dry skin don’t even have to say “for dry skin” on them! If you choose a cream which is 100% natural, without fragrances and parabens and use it for a few weeks, you’re likely to see a change in your skin. When a moisturizing cream is completely natural and void of irritating chemicals, it will help the driest skin even if it’s made for all skin types.

There are great ingredients to be found in natural topical creams for dry skin: Manuka honey, natural vitamin E, macadamia oil and avocado oil are especially beneficial, as they moisturize very deeply. Avocado oil for example mimics the skin’s own oils and can therefore be extremely beneficial for dryish skin, which doesn’t have enough oil of its ow


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