Handling A Telephonic Interview

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The company that intrests you has shortliested you for a telephonic interview. But there is a slight catch. You won’t be meeting your interviewer(s) face to face. Instead, you will take part in a telephonic interview, the result of which conversation will determine whether you are invited to meet representatives of company in person or not.

Use of phone interviews as an initial employment technique are used by many companies, because of they are generally brief, telephonic interview’s help to save companies’ time. They also serve as more realistic screening alternatives when companies considering out of town candidates.

So the chances are pretty good that, at any point in your job hunt, you will be asked to participate in a 20 to 30-min long distance interview, with a person or several peple on the other end of line. In some ways, the way you preapre for a face to face interview is not all different you get ready for a telephonic interview. Save for a few additions and modifications of your list of preparation.

Here is what to do: phone interview should be treated seriously, as just as you would face a face-to-face interview. Do not get caught with you guard down, be sure to research the company, study the job decription and practice your responses to expected questions.

Have your resume and cover in front of you: the interviewer will almost certainly ask you about the some information from these documents. You might also want to have before you any supporting material that relates to information in your resume and cover letter, like document designed by you, a portfolio of your various projects, written description of your previous job positions.

Make a cheat sheet: jot down a few notes about the most critical points you want to make with your interviewer(s). are there certain skills and experiences you want to emphasise? Do you have a certain intrest or passion you want your interviewers to know about when he asks if you have if you have any questions or anything else to add?

Get a hight quality phone: this is not the time to use a mobile phone that cuts in and out, or a cheaply made phone that makes it difficult for you and your interviewer(s) to hear and understand each other.


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