The Secrets of Long Life ( Part1)

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There are many places in the world famous by long-lived people. These places are mostly mountainous areas and far from cities. After all, the doctors and those who interested in public health, they always go to that places to solve the mystery of a long and healthy life. In this regard, experts hope to be able to bring the secrets of longevity to the modern world.

Hunza in the mountains of Himalaya

Hunza is located in a high place in the mountains of the Himalayas in Asia. There are many people over the age of one hundred years, and still enjoy good health. Men over 90 years can still be new parents and women also in over fifty are still able to have children, what is the reason for this good health? Scientists believe that there are three main reasons for this thing. The first reason: they live in an environment that is contaminated with water and a healthy clean. Second, their diet contains a high amount of vitamins, fiber and nutrients, but contains a small amount of fat, sugar and cholesterol, and also free from unnatural chemicals. Third, their work and their activities are often  in the fields or with animals. 

Caucasus and the Russian Vilcabamba

People in the Caucasus, also known by their length of age. There is no birth certificates, but there are people in the community say that there is a man who lived 168. There is also a woman who lived 160 years, and the people there not only have long age but they also have long-lived in good health. For example, when they die, you are not only find them retaining their teeth healthy, but you also find their hair appearance seems well. Vilcabamba, in Ecuador, is also famous by the length of its population ages. A mountainous region like Heinz in the Caucasus, also located at high altitude, is very far from the cities, where there is only very little serious diseases. May be the cause of good health is that natural beauty and cleanliness they have, in addition to the mineral-rich water, which comes from mountain springs. Also, wind come from one direction only and the temperature is moderate. 

Differences in the kind of food to those people who famous by longevity 

 On the other hand, the difference in the kind of food to these three areas is very large. In Hunza , they eat mainly non-cooked vegetables and fruits, especially apricots. Also, they eat meat once time in the year. By contrast, in the Caucasus, the diet consists mainly of milk, cheese, vegetables, fruits and meat. The people in Vilcabamba eats a small amount of meat per week and more amount of grains, corn, beans, potatoes and fruits. After all, experts found an amazing fact in the mountains of Ecuador, which is that people live there, even the elderly, consume a large amount of coffee, and smoking from 40 to 60 cigarettes a day! 
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