Computer Network ,using The Server

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If you are the part of new generation then you are connected to digital world and share your communication with the internet media internet provided mostly easily conservation and give a every answering the question which is available on the internet, It is the best option for communicate to each other who is located to anywhere in the world, In this digital world the power of internet is most effective then other related services because it is a easily connected to people who is also connected to internet .Today in the world wide web internet service provider company are provided the services in different levels. For local level ,National level and Global level internet service provided company are working for different services like : mailing , chatting, sharing , data transfer or  file transfer every company has is own database for using this purpose. Digital media offering a various services image sharing, video sharing, and downloading also this, Internet service provider use the many type of software and hardware for related networking techniques, Network are all in which we share computer resource servers, printers, scanners ,video etc to each other from anywhere in the world.
There are two different types with which network between computers can be formed. Networking formation completely depends on the requirement of the organization scale and usability for which purpose we use the network. We should always study requirements and needs before we decide to choose any type of network. Two types of networks are Peer to Peer networking also known to be p2p, the other one is Client and Server networks. In the peer to peer network the ten to fifteen computer are connected to each other .Peer to peer network connection is cost effective and attractive process in this process the limited computer are connected to each other high security cannot be done using this process . All computers are same status within the network and no computer controls any other computer but it, this network does not have server to control and monitor. Security level is not towards higher side and each work station itself is responsible for security. Using peer to peer models files can be shared among computers. Files like, videos, audios, pictures, spreadsheets and all digital media can be sent or received within the network. Printers, scanners and internet can be shared with in all computers. Below is the picture showing three computers connected to each other with hub and switch. All computers are connected to hub through Network adaptor card using Cable and hub or switch is connected to internet to pass it on to connected computers.. You can see there is no server involved in this diagram but all individual computers are connecting to hub forming peer to peer network.
And the other network is client server network this type of network is use for big organization for using  a various purpose in this networking, Normal computer is configure with server client  server networking has one dependent computer which is called server. It is called server. All computers are connected to hub and hub is connected to server. Server is responsible to perform according to the request sent to it by clients.


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