Four Great Ways to Start Using Walgreen's Coupons – Cut Your Walgreens Bill in Half

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Walgreen’s coupons offer you the best helping hand if you have listed ‘to earn more savings’ as a part of your to do list this year. It is really no secret. Walgreen’s coupons can help you to save anywhere between 50 to 60 percent of your total purchases if used wisely. If you spend $200 every time you go to the store and save $100 because of your Walgreen’s coupons, that is $1,000 worth of savings in ten trips to the store. It is a very good way to get on a roll in achieving your goals for the year right?

In truth, most shoppers are very familiar with Walgreen’s coupons but not everyone uses them. There can be lots of reasons why they do not opt to use the Walgreen’s coupons that they have. It can be because of awkwardness with Walgreen’s coupons, it can be because they forget that they have coupons that they can use, or maybe they simply do not understand how these Walgreen’s coupons work. If you are one of these people who have yet to get on the habit of using coupons, there is only one thing that you should know: you are wasting tons of money so stop it and start using your Walgreen’s coupons!

Whatever your individual or family needs are, Walgreen’s coupons can help you big time in easing out your budget. It all takes some willingness on your part to embrace the savings that these Walgreen’s coupons can give you. To get you started on the right path, here are four very cool ways to get on the Walgreen’s couponing habit:

1. Do not just use your Walgreen’s to purchase random items on the store at random times. Make the most of your coupons by using them only during sale seasons. There is a whole trick to it actually and it helps to understand the sale cycle. Every item on the store will go on sale at one point of the other so why buy them on their regular prices when you can obviously get them cheaper during sales and therefore doubling the value of your Walgreen’s coupons? It is all about understanding the store sale cycle of the one nearest you. Usually it comes between 6 – 12 weeks so try to time it and get the most value for your Walgreen’s coupons.

2. When sale season comes, make sure to stock up on the items that you regularly need to last you up to the next sale. Bulk buying is always cheaper anyway but the best part about this is that your tab goes even lower because of the Walgreen’s coupons that you have. Remember to fill your pantry and cupboards with products that you regularly use so that you will not have to buy them at their regular price after the sale season. The key is to only buy and maximize your Walgreen’s coupons during sale seasons remember?

3. Every time that you will buy something, make sure you have Walgreen’s coupons for it and remember to present it at the counter. Walgreen’s coupons are very easy to find and there is no point not using them when they can offer you lots of savings. Remember that you are allowed to use one Walgreen’s per item so take advantage of this money saving tool. This means if you want to buy three cans of tuna at $1 you can use three Walgreen’s coupons for each to save $1.50 instead of paying $3!

4. Lastly, always be on the lookout for Walgreen’s coupons because it pays to have a healthy stash of coupons for all the items and products that you do need now. When you have Walgreen’s coupons within your reach, you will easily get on the habit of using them every time that you will make a purchase. The more times you use your Walgreen coupons, the more times you save your hard earned money!


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