Senopati Pamungkas – University of Cloud 4

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While Jaghana stay standing, smiling.
“It’s brash, defeated, still acting?” Pandu shouted.
Upasara sighed. Then crouch deliver to worship.

“Sorry, Uncle Bald. I was too presumptuous and insolent. I accept defeat.” From his words impressed that Upasara actually still not willing to give up. Cranky Uncle Bald designation mark.
“Ah, do not be too humble himself and lifting the opponent is too high.

My name is Jaghana, called Uncle Bald inappropriate. Although the butt and bald head makes no difference. But the location is one above and another below. Please stand up, young man. ”

Ya, that’s how strange life Nirada Education. Even to talk bare buttocks or no difference. Not feel uncomfortable at all.

“Wilanda convey the worship service.”
“I can not accept this honor,” and then, glancing at Ngabehi Pandu, his voice was so respectful. “Thanks for the help. If it had not stopped earlier, I could not stroked his head again. It turned out great names Ngabehi Pandu too small to show the real thing. Please accept my best regards.”

Wilanda forward.

“Kisanak  Wilanda, it seems just yesterday we parted. But now the good life Kisanak  already have nice clothes and nice horse. Aha, when again invite you this long?”
Half-praised half-sarcastic sentence. Difficult to distinguish.

“I desire no longer be expressed. But this time, I arrived with orders Majesty the King.”

“O, so if you have clothes and horses have to be so good, huh? Who is my king?”

Upasara felt his blood boil again. If it was outrageous insolence, great-grandparents are now gone too far. There was no for giveness. So it is today without a lot to ask, just crashing. This time instead directly with the magic dagger. End of the dagger thrilled to hold grudges.

Who directed did not absurdly responsibility. The throat.

This is actually an ultimate moment, or the last moments of the series of attacks science called bull, bull get injured, or wounded bull.

This attack is usually only appears when the situation was absolutely destitute, there is no way out at all. Like a wounded bull there was no hope.
With one attacking, the opponent can precede, or at least die together.

With this stance all the energy collected by the end of the dagger. So that the others are not fully protected. If the opponent then tore the stomach or poke veins in the neck, which means there is no obstacle. But also thereby Upasara could continue his intentions. If your opponent dissuade, means Upasara freed from an ambush for a while.

And the Wounded Bull Upasara issue stance though not at all in total desperation. Wilanda issued a call on hold. Directly at the same time his jump hard and crashed into Jaghana. The trick in such a way that his back is left open. In short seconds he was not thinking of his own life.

Jaghana itself does not seem to take into account that a young child could be so telengas (easily upset)  and light hand to issue a death moment. His brow furrowed but did not get away.

Just because Ngabehi Pandu moves first. everything ended without anyone getting hurt. As a figure who creates that moment. Ngabehi Pandu knew his weakness. Two fingers facing Upasara wrist, and accompanied by the beat of power within, a dagger that jumped from the arms Upasara. Sprang into the air.


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