How to Choose a Waterbed

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A waterbed is a kind of bed filled with water and encased in either rubber or plastic mattress. It is a more fun alternative to its conventional counterparts. It also offers sleepers the even support they need to get the best night’s sleep and has been advocated by experts to offer medical comfort to those who suffer from certain medical conditions. Before you look for one, here are a few guidelines on how you can choose the right one.

The first thing you should consider is its type, and your preference for usage. These kinds of sleeping furniture can be categorized into three main types. These are called free-flow, fiber-fill and hydraulic mattresses. The first of these only contain water compartments inside, resulting in increased water flow. So, if you are looking for more cushiony comfort, then this is the right type for you. The second one is suitable for those wanting more firmness and support as it provides a fiber batting that helps to distribute the water flow evenly. Whereas the last type contains vinyl coils which house small ports of water that controls the direction of water flow. The last kind is suitable for couples.

The next thing that you should consider is the size of the waterbed. The three types mentioned above can be further classified as either a hard side or a soft side. The former is a mattress filled with water that sits on top of a wooden frame, whereas the latter is placed in a vinyl encased foam frame. As the hard side type includes a wooden frame, its external appearance is more rigid-like. Also, it may also come in a slightly different oval shape. The soft side type on the other hand resembles the conventional bed in looks and size. In addition, you need to allow for some space if you wish to add a headboard to this sleeping furniture.

Once the previous two aspects have been carefully considered and decided upon, you need to start looking into the specifics of your budget. If your budget does not allow you to splurge more on this purchase, then it is better for you to direct your cash to buying either the free-flow or fiber-fill type. However, if you feel that you have extra cash to spare and would like to get the best quality possible, then you can splurge on the pricier hydraulic type. However, be reminded that each types do have their own pros and cons, so you should ask the store for more advice.

Water-filled beds have been known to not only add a different kind of touch to the bedroom, but also excellent providers of support and comfort to their users.


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