Senopati Pamungkas – University of Cloud 3

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Issued a call Jaghana such praise from his nose. Again, as at first, he was like letting a peck from behind his back. How to faceit with his foot to the front to continue the attack. So that the body such as a fall.

Upasara cheering in the heart. Amain human body, the back boneis not a part that may be allowed to take a hit. As fast-immediately threw himself, could not avoid the blow. That’s the reality. Upasara felt that his hand was not on his back, but the head. Because your opponent flopped.

But the head is equally weak in custody. It’s just beyond all calculation, the head Jaghana was very slippery. So emposan strength as more and push himself. Energy actually dragged, like a slip. No other way, than to save themselves. Upasara one-half somersault in order to stand upright.

He did manage to stand upright. However, these signs subsided. From the pounding, pounding in the back and survive alone. Sudden change that simultaneously reversing the situation.

Upasara ready to receive the attack. But Jaghana, the bare buttocks, just smile.
“Young man, was incredible. The attack is awesome. I never thought that the world has become more advanced. Who would have thought a young child who still smell kencur (children) has tremendous versatility. Congratulations, congratulations.”

Actually what was said Jaghana was an honest speech. Something that seems inherent as attitudes Cloud University. They are often said to be living in a very bizarre and erratic, but they are known as people who are honest. One world of deed. What would not say black and white. Praise is also an honest compliment. But how might Upasara could swallow words like that?

First, he was a nobleman who had never been treated so “insolent”. Second, the words “young children who still smell kencur” deeply offended him. He did not catch it as a compliment that really his age is not necessarily able to master the moves were good. Means his future is pretty good. The difference this background that are compounded Upasara not patient enough.

“We’ll see who smells and who kencur onion smell,” he said aloud as he kept butting. Feeling lost in the first attack, Upasara attack with full force. Two foot strikes the ground, shot forward. Both.

Only this time the way it rotates the wrist as opposed to absorb energy. Absorb, rotate, and directing the owner himself. Jaghana also be cautious. He jumped high, do not try to avoid short-haul or pick up an attack.

While the high jump, such as bouncing, spinning his body. Counter attack launched by the spin is not only dangerous for the opponent, but also dangerous for themselves.

Wilanda who have been in the same college, at least know this. It must be admitted, turning attacks are attacks that involve risks. Opponents can indeed confused, would be wrong to attack the head butt, want to hit the chest may be wrong foot.

That, too, would not wearing half strength, as most are neutralized with a rotary motion. But the need to deploy a spin attack in which too much power.

This is not to battle the long term. Presumably Jaghana want to finish the game in no time. This fact alone should make Upasara actually feel proud. Not so much the chance of a warrior like him to find an opponent who immediately issued the following steps secret key.

Judging from this angle, Upasara arguably very lucky. In his young age he may be said to compensate for the opponent who is much older, more experienced, and already has great names.

If the first one he created a buzz last, that merely because a matter of experience. Not about the difference science. Facing an opponent who rolled, Upasara change movements.

He did not want to hard physical exertion, because it can be dragged opponent. He arched body, jumped backwards, and then entered into a vortex ring. Wilanda issued a muffled shriek. He did not think at all that Upasara will offset the opponent with the same movement. 

Involve themselves with each other, it means a great exertion. And if just a little negligent, one finger touching the soft parts of the face can be fatal for life. Five times the opponent’s hands collided.

His voice sounded like a loud clashing of two stones. Upasara surprise because opponents such as having hands sting. Every time collide, he quickly pulled his hand away and replace with blows. But this is also experiencing the same thing. Who do not know is that apparently Jaghana also experienced the same thing.

Sting like a can not pierce directly. Some of the energy can be rejected. Ten moments passed without dividing. Without any signs of defeat. Without anyone to give up.

Kisanak Jaghana, forgive us …” Wilanda remained prostrate. The sound slowly but wail.

“Upasara, enough.” There was a steady voice. Pandu Ngabehi say like bluffing. And no matter how hot-tempered and arrogant, Upasara apparently no fear to his uncle. He locked himself and rolled out a spear. To be able to stand still, he still needs some more acts.



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