Who Can Replace Dhoni

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Mahinder Sigh Dhoni was appointed captain of the Indian test team. In addition he was also handed the one day and T 20 captaincy as well. Though his performance in the shorter version of the game was good, but in the test arena his form and ideas evaporated and India hurtled to a plethora of defeats.

Actually his negave role came to the fore when he led India in the last test against the West Indies. What happened there makes sorry reading. India needed 86 runs to win in15 overs. This was a very gettable score, but Dhoni threw the towel and the match was drawn. This showed that Dhoni was timid captain

Then followed 2 tours to England and Australia. Both were tough tours,but India made heavy weather in the tests. The result shocked Cricket fans and India lost on both tours and had the ignomy of losing 8 consecutive matches. I think this must be a world record.

Dhoni’s record as a batsman also fell apart and his captaincy lacked flair. Thus the rumor mills are working and there is talk of a change of the Indian captaincy. Perhaps it will be good idea to change the captain. If that is decided than Dhoni must go for the good of Indian cricket.

Having decided that Dhoni must go as captain , the question arises as to who can replace him . A whispering campaign is in favor of Shewag. He captained India in the last test against the Aussies, but he also lost the test. In addltion people have commented that Shewags captaincy lacked imagination. Sunil Gavaskar has commented that Shewag is not the right choice to lead India. After Shewag, the cupboard looks pretty bleak. There does not appear to be a worthy successlr. There is Gautam Gambhir, but he may find it difficult to makea  cut in the Indian playing XI.

India is thus at the cross roads. Perhaps some revolutionary steps are called for. Perhaps it may not be a bad idea to hand the leadership of the Indian test team to Virat Kohli. He is young and energetic. There is also the chance that he has many years of cricket still with him. Many people may feel he is too young to be made captain. I dont think so. A hark back will show that India’s captain the Nawab of Pataudi was appointed captain when be was only 21. Despite his young age, he was a success, that is the last word on his captaincy. So lets rest Dhoni and give Virat Kohli the reins of captaincy. India can’t be a loser with this decision


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