How to Have Perfect Eyelashes

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The Eyelash or eyelash is each of the small hairs that protect the outer edges of the eyelids, forming a sort of protective fringe of the eyeball.

The cilia are like little brooms: protect your eyes from dust and small insects that fall in the region.

Although important, is not the primary protection of view – the reflex of closing the eyelids before a danger is much more effective.

The eyelashes tend to have a life of about 5 months, but sometimes it is reduced because we do not pay the care they need, they become brittle and fall off prematurely.
It takes some pampering to display correctly.

Brushing. It is convenient to brush them every day (although we do not maquilas) while dwell upon it a thin layer of petroleum jelly or some special cream for them. Done with caution to avoid the product that we use in eyes.

Remover. If you are used to makeup, you should never forget pads every night. It uses a soft cream and do it slowly so as not to damage the tabs. Do it with movements ranging from the root to the tip.

Nourish. At night it is very good to strengthen them and encourage their growth. Applied with a cotton swab a little almond oil or olive oil.

Rimel. Do not forget that the life of mascara is approximately 5 months, after that time, it is advisable to continue using it, since it can cause eye irritation.

Curler. Clean after each use curling iron and do not lend. It is very common bacterial infection through this element. Nor should you use them all the time, it is best to do it for special occasions.

Sun. Believe it or not, the tabs also feel assaulted by the sun, avoid long exposure as they begin to dry out and become very brittle.

Rub. Avoid the habit of rubbing your eyes or pull tabs, it weakens them, making them fall is inevitable.

Beauty Products

In Eyelash / cilia can also apply beauty products such as mascara. There are several types. Some, for example, lengthen, while others give volume. You can also put false eyelashes are available in various colors, sizes, and models.

There are modelers of cilia, which are also known as eyelash curler. There are several brands and models, all serve to increase the natural curvature of cilia.


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