Labradoodles Are Great Family Dogs

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There are many designer dogs available now as they have become very popular.  A designer dog is a cross between the Labrador and a Poodle.  They are a very energetic dog and require an active owner.

The Labradoodle has the great temperament of the Labrador and the hypo allergic qualities of a Poodle.  The Labradoodle makes an excellent therapy, guide and assistance dog.

The Standard Labradoodle is usually an athletic and graceful dog.  Their eye, nose and coat color should match.  They usually come in black, cream, silver, chalk, chocolate, apricot and café au lait.  Harlequin and parti color Labradoodles are also found.  The male dog usually weights from 55 to 77 pounds and the female should be a little smaller.

These dogs are usually healthier than other purebred Labradors or Poodles.   There are still certain diseases they can get such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and other disease that evolve the dog’s joints.  They can be prone to ear infections and eye problems.  They can get Progressive Retinal Atrophy and cataracts.  They will usually have a life span of between 9 and 15 years.

Their coat can be long or short and they will require regular grooming.  Their coat will be wool texture or a fleece texture.  The fleece texture coat is easier to care for.  The Labradoodle is known for not shedding a lot.

The Labradoodle should be bathed only when absolutely necessary because their coat is naturally dirt resistant and they usually have less doggy odor than other dogs.  Their ears should be cleaned and checked on a regular basis in order to help prevent ear infections.

The Labradoodle is known for being a kind, friendly, happy, active, loyal, intelligent, alert, tolerant, well mannered, non-aggressive and even tempered dog.  These great qualities usually make it easy to train them. 

They have proved that they are great with children and for this reason make great family pets.  They are a lively and affectionate family dog.  Labradoodles also make great family watch dogs.

These dogs love to play in the water.  They usually get along with other dogs with no problem.  They are not known for barking a lot.

The Labradoodle will require a daily walk and play time in order to stay happy and content.

The Labradoodle will make a great family dog and they are also good watch dogs.  This is a winning combination for a family pet.

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