The Brittany Spaniel is a Gentle Dog

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If you are looking for a medium sized, active and good natured dog that Brittany spaniel may be the dog for you.  These dogs are great with children because they are friendly and playful.  Brittany spaniels are known for getting excited at times.   These hardy sporting dogs serve as highly affectionate dogs for active families.

The bred originated in Brittany, France and was first used for hunting birds.  The Brittany spaniel is a very strong and athletic dog with long legs.

Brittany spaniels come in many colors like orange and white, black and white, liver and white, liver tricolor and black tricolor.  Tricolors are accepted but are not preferred.  The Brittany spaniel usually weighs between 30 and 40 pounds.

They are usually a very healthy dog with very few health problems.  They can get epilepsy, seizure disorders, lip fold pyoderma, skin allergies, glaucoma and progressive retinal atrophy.  Orthopedic problems like hip dysplasia, locating patellas, arthritis and spinal paralysis are also quite common.  They can easily become obese and you must watch their diet.

Their life span is usually 12 to 14 years.  A Brittany spaniel has a single non curly coat.  The Brittany spaniel is easy to groom as their hair is not too coarse of too silky.  Their coat stays in the best shape if you brush them twice a week.  They shed very little and should not be bathed unless it is absolutely necessary.  Their eyes and ears need to be cleaned on a weekly basis and their nails should be trimmed every two weeks.

They are easy to train, sweet, loving, playful, intelligent, inquisitive, alert and enthusiastic.  They are excellent with children and tend to get along with other pets.  They should be trained and socialized when they are young in order to avoid extremely shy or aggressive behavior.

Usually these pleasant and happy dogs can be found looking for ways to amuse their owners.  They will become nervous under stressful conditions like arguments between family members.  They are a sensitive dog and crave love and attention.  They have a lot of energy and need some type of activity and challenge.  If the Brittany spaniel becomes bored they will start tearing things up.

These highly independent dogs require a firm and consistent owner or they will be difficult to control.  They are quite active when they are kept indoors.

Their favorite activities are running, swimming and fetching objects from the water.  They are a very healthy dog and can stay happy in cold and damp weather.

Brittany spaniels are great pets and they make very good family dogs.

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