Create A Lifestyle Change With Systems

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The 1st secret to permanent fat loss and fitness is: create a lifestyle change with
systems. Now, what am I talking about here…well, for starters, if you’re not
thinking in terms of a lifestyle change, you’re in trouble. If you’re idea of fitness
is going on a diet for a little while and taking a few aerobics classes, you’re not
going to succeed. Period. If you want to live your life in your own lean, healthy,
and strong body, you need to take the steps necessary to literally change your
Now, a lot of people have heard this before, but it’s not the fact that you have to
make it a lifestyle that’s the secret…the secret part of it is how to do this
effectively. And that starts with something most people completely miss:
identifying what your lifestyle is today.
The first step is to think about your eating and exercise habits as they are now
and WRITE THEM DOWN on a piece of paper. What do you eat on a typical day
and throughout the week? How much are you eating? How often are you
working out? What kind of workouts are you doing?
You also need to examine your stress level and what are primary forces behind
your stress. You also should take a look at your rest and sleep schedule. And
lastly take a look at your mindset and your thoughts on how you see yourself and
your lifestyle. These questions and topics will give you a snapshot of your current
lifestyle…all on 1 sheet of paper for you to see and review.
After spending a few minutes jotting this data down and reviewing it once or
twice, you can probably start to see just how big this whole fat loss and fitness
thing really is, and why making a small temporary change here or there (as most
diets or exercise plans give you) might win a battle or two, but not the WAR
you’re fighting.
There are just too many variables to try and control by using the bandage
approach. And what I mean by that is, most people try to fix their health and
fitness problem like someone would fix a cut or scrape with a band-aid. Your
health and fitness is not a simple cut or a scrape, and it needs more than a
temporary fix. So a lifestyle change is what is needed for a long term solution to
fat loss and fitness. That is essential.
Now, once you’ve established a snapshot of your current lifestyle, you need to
move on to the second step…changing your lifestyle through systems. Here’s
what I mean by that:
Ask any successful business person what is at the heart of his or her success and
most of them will mention a system of some type. If you have a proven and
successful system, you will be successful at whatever you’re trying to accomplish.
If you don’t, you’ll be lost. I spent years of my own life searching the fitness
wasteland for methods that I could use to burn fat, build muscle, and get healthy
with little time commitment. At some point I realized that I was creating my own
system for fitness success.
Once I realized that, I was able to recommend this same system to my friends and
family members interested in lifelong health and fitness. And guess what, it
worked for those who applied. It was a proven and successful system. All I did
was apply it to another person. Just like in business, if you have a successful and
proven system, you can essentially apply the system over and over again to create
new businesses. They’re all based on the same successful and proven model or
Again, without a system, you may get to find what you’re looking for, but it could
take years or more, and a lot of frustration to be sure…I’m sure if you think back
to a time in your life when you were investigating a particular topic or discipline,
you’ll realize you spent a lot of time and effort in doing so.
If you had a system on how to find those answers, it would have been a lot easier
and more successful. You would have made far fewer errors and saved yourself a
load of time.
As I said earlier, I didn’t have a system early on in my fat loss struggles, and as a
result I was trying to plug the holes in my lifestyle with diets, miracle pills, and
exercise gizmos.
So analyze your current lifestyle (be brutally honest), decide what needs to
change and then get to work on getting a proven and successful system that will
create a new lifestyle for you. that you can lead for the rest of your lean and
healthy life.


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