The Emergence of Luxury Men's Skin Care For The Modern Man

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In today’s society where “looking good” is of considerably greater importance as compared to in the past, men have been exposed to more products and services to help upkeep their masculine and clean sharp look. More men are diving into indulgent purchases for their face and body. It is no wonder that the men’s grooming business has been the fastest growing segment in the entire cosmetics industry (both men and women’s) for the past few years. If men can afford to buy a $500 iPad, it definitely means that they can splurge on goodies for their face. And how many of you received some type of skincare product(s) like a smooth shave cream or hydrating facial scrub guaranteed to wipe out all sweat and stress off your face as Christmas presents last month?

Buying skin care products at your local CVS or RiteAid is a thing of the past. Studies have shown the highest growth rates in the entire cosmetics industry are in the men’s luxury grooming market, specifically men’s luxury skin care products purchased at higher end malls like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. This is evident as renowned luxury brands like Giorgio Armani and John Varvatos who have not wandered into the men’s skin care business launched new skincare products in the past few years. Even the ever so popular Stetson cowboy cologne magazine ad in the 80s has been replaced by celebrity A-Listers adorning luxury cologne full-page ads in Esquire magazine. There are even smaller niche brands emerging focusing solely on skin care products for the affluent man which seem to be favored at 5 star spas around the world. These much smaller exclusive luxury lines have been gaining momentum as the grooming essentials for the “modern man” or as we used to dub them “the metrosexual”.

So what does this all mean? It means that the Y chromosome is finally coming to grips with himself and that he needs to take care of his own skin like how women do when they apply 20 different foundations, moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens onto their face each morning. Ok 20 is a bit excessive but you get the idea. Education on how to minimize the harmful effects of UVA/UVB sun rays and increasing media exposure to high profile men looking clean shaven with flawless skin probably helped groom today’s modern man. Its better these days for a gentleman to be 60 years of age but look like 50, than be 60 and look 70. Anti-aging for women is now being embraced by men themselves. I even have started to put on SPF40 sunscreen daily which I never did unless I took a trip out to the beach. There are now all kinds of products for men to use, from luxury shave creams to overnight eye serums all of which are supposed to bring out the very best for your skin complexion and elasticity, and more importantly products in all price ranges. But after using the mass market men’s skin care brands found at your local supermarket, I have found that the best performing products were of the ones that were considered in the “luxury” realm ($30+ suggested retail prices). The saying “You get what you pay for!” definitely is the case here.

In general, the $7 facial washes purchased at CVS initially felt like great skincare maintenance products as they definitely removed all the dirt and oil from my face. However 5 minutes post-washing, my skin tended to flake and feel dry. I experimented with luxury men’s skin care ranges from the ones you find at upscale department stores to smaller niche brands. Aside from the pricier raw ingredients and sometimes exotic ones used in these more expensive lines, they tended to be natural with no parabens used. The only drawback about products being more natural is that the shelf life of the product are reduced and less clinical testing of the side effects, if any, have been done on them. But I can confidently say that the luxury men’s skin care products are more performance based products, meaning that a higher percentage of them compared to the mass market products actually work! I hate it when I buy a moisturizer and after 10 minutes post-application, my face is still dry as if I had put nothing on. This is no wonder why men who can afford the best only buy the best skin care products. The modern man has evolutionized into a forward-looking vanity smurf but without the blue skin.

Luxury men’s skin care products have emerged as my winner and essential for any man’s daily grooming ritual. Buy the best to look your best. Although shelling out $60 for an aftershave balm is tough at first, once you physically see what it can do for you, it’s all worth it. Hey…I’ll do anything to look 10 years younger again and have all the sexy hot women do a double-take when I stroll pass them. Luxury Shaving is another story too which I will have to write about next. Stay tuned!


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